Yesterday, we reported that 20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios are in talks for a unique deal that would give Fox an extension on their production deadline for Untitled Daredevil Reboot, in exchange for the rights to Fantastic Four characters such as Galactus and The Silver Surfer, for use in future Marvel Studios movies. Today, we have word that no such deal is being discussed.

Our earlier report also indicated that Joe Carnahan is in talks to direct the Untitled Daredevil Reboot. Fox's rights to the blind vigilante reverts back to Marvel Studios if production hasn't started by October 10. It is believed that the studio is ready to let go of the franchise, unless the Disney-owned Marvel Studios is interested in co-financing. It is possible that Joe Carnahan could bring his take on the reboot to Marvel, after the rights change hands.

Fox is said to be more passionate about the Fantastic Four reboot from director Josh Trank (Chronicle), than the languishing Untitled Daredevil Reboot.