Just hours after Sony Pictures pushed The Amazing Spider-Man 3 to 2018 and The Amazing Spider-Man 4 to an unspecified date, Marvel Studios has announced that another mystery movie, Untitled Marvel Project 2018, will be released on May 4, 2018, The Amazing Spider-Man 4's former release date. Take a look at Marvel's announcement via Twitter below, then read on for more information.

Marvel's Kevin Feige revealed earlier this week that he wants Marvel Studios to put out two films per year, one sequel to an existing property and one new adventure, but it seems they're going even bigger than that. The studio announced five new release dates last week, which reveals the studio will release three movies apiece in 2017 and 2018.

Following Guardians of the Galaxy next week, Marvel has two movies scheduled for 2015, Avengers: Age of Ultron (May 1, 2015) and Ant-Man (July 17, 2015), along with Captain America 3 (May 6, 2016). The rest of the studio's slate is shrouded in mystery, aside from the release dates. The studio also has unidentified projects slated for July 8, 2016, May 5, 2017, July 28, 2017 and November 3, 2017. Rounding out this lineup are the May 4, 2018, July 6, 2018 and November 2, 2018 projects, followed by their May 3, 2019 movie.

Do you think Marvel will announce which titles will be slotted into these release dates at Comic-Con? What movies would you look to see Marvel bring to the silver screen over the next five years? Chime in with your thoughts below, and stay tuned for more updates from Comic-Con.