Issac Perlmutter, better known as Ike Perlmutter to most, has been the CEO of Marvel since 2005. Anyone who has even a passing familiarity with pop culture knows that Marvel has become one of the biggest names in entertainment in that time period, especially after the Iron Man movie was released in 2008. Strangely, he is rarely seen in public. And hardly ever photographed. But in a rare, Big Foot-esque appearance, he has been caught on camera out in the wild. Adding to the shock and awe of it all, he was spotted hanging out with Donald Trump.

The photo was released by The Hollywood Reporter and shows Ike Perlmutter standing beside president-elect Donald Trump. It definitely looks a little shady, perhaps like a photo that would be featured in a spy movie of some kind where the people in it had no idea they were being watched. In this case, Donald Trump is looking right at the camera, so he must have known something was going on. Ike Perlmutter is wearing sunglasses in what looks to be a pretty dark place, so he is clearly still trying to be a bit reclusive.

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So why was the CEO of Marvel meeting with former reality TV show host turned POTUS Donald Trump? According to the report, the pair met at Ike Perlmutter's Mar-a-Lago estate on Wednesday, which is where Jonathan Ernst was able to capture the rare photo. They were reportedly meeting so that Perlmutter could help organize a health summit with Donald Trump at his upcoming Florida retreat. No matter what the reason, the CEO of a company primarily dealing in superheroes meeting with someone many people consider to be a borderline, real-life supervillain is a bit bizarre.

Most of the time, a photograph of the CEO of a massive company such as Marvel would barely be considered news, but Ike Perlmutter has gained a serious reputation for his ability to dodge the public. Unfortunately, his reputation isn't just bizarre, it is largely not positive. His management style has been associated with hardcore cost-cutting that also comes with low pay for employees. It is also said that he is the man behind Marvel Comics cutting back on Fantastic Four and X-Men, because Fox owns the movie rights to those characters, so promoting them with the comics doesn't benefit Marvel financially. The fans may suffer a bit as a result, but he seems to be purely business minded.

Ike Perlmutter migrated to the United States from Israel and worked his way up from humble sales jobs to CEO of Marvel. In every sense of the word, he is a self-made man. Still, he likes to remain hidden from the public. For now, President of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige is pretty much the public face of the company, even though most people still associate Stan Lee with Marvel more than anyone else. You can check out the rare photo of Ike Perlmutter and Donald Trump for yourself below.