Every year, Comic-Con attracts thousands upon thousands of fans to the San Diego Convention Center, to get a glimpse at the most hotly-anticipated movies and TV shows. Of course, for every person that goes, there are millions who can't make the journey but try to follow all of the action online. Thankfully for these fans, Marvel has set up a live stream every day during the Con, and today will certainly be their biggest day yet!

Marvel Studios will hold its massive Hall H panel today, which will run from 5:30 to 6:45 PM. We don't know for sure if the studio will actually be live streaming the entire panel, but the studio's live stream runs from 10 AM PT to 6 PM PM each day, so even if they do take us inside Hall H, they most certainly won't be live-streaming any of the highly-anticipated footage that will be shown inside. Still, it's possible this live stream will have interviews with the actors and filmmakers from Doctor Strange and Guardians of the Galaxx Vol. 2.

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While Marvel hasn't confirmed which movies it will showcase quite yet, we already know that two highly-anticipated movies will have a presence in Hall H. Director James Gunn confirmed that his superhero sequel, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 will be at Comic-Con, with filmmaker Scott Derrickson also confirming that Doctor Strange will be there as well. This isn't terribly surprising, since these are Marvel Studios' next two movies, but don't be surprised if other movies are showcased as well.

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige revealed in April that the studio will announce both the director and star of their upcoming Captain Marvel movie this summer. There have already been reports that Oscar winner Brie Larson is in talks to star as the title character, with short film director Emily Carmichael reportedly the studio's top choice to take the helm, in what would be her feature film debut. While we don't know for sure if this announcement will happen during their Comic-Con panel, it's worth noting that Brie Larson will already be in town making an appearance at Warner Bros.' Hall H panel this morning for Kong: Skull Island.

It's also possible that the studio will provide updates on Infinity War, Black Panther, Spider-Man: Homecoming and the rest of their Phase 3 slate, but we don't know for sure. It's also possible that they announce which movies will be taking the three 2020 release dates (May 1, 2020, July 10, 2020 and November 6, 2020), which will most certainly kick off Marvel's Phase 4 lineup. Take a look at the video below to follow all of Marvel's live stream coverage throughout the day.