While it seems like a lifetime ago now, just three years ago, 20th Century Fox and director Joe Carnahan were working on a big-screen Daredevil reboot. But they were working against the clock, since the rights were about to expire. The rights eventually reverted back to Marvel, once 20th Century Fox's movie project couldn't get off the ground, and while many were hoping and/or expecting the studio to put a new theatrical reboot into development, they went another route, giving the beloved comic book character his own Netflix TV series, Marvel's Daredevil. As it turns out, Avengers: Age of Ultron director Joss Whedon tried to convince Marvel to give the Man Without Fear a movie, instead of a TV series. Here's what he had to say, admitting that he hasn't seen Marvel's Daredevil, but he wanted to give the character a movie because he thinks The Man Without Fear is Marvel's Batman.

"I fought for Daredevil to be a film instead of a TV show. Then under the auspices of Drew Goddard and Steve DeKnight... I'm dying to see the show but they released it just as I started the press tour! If the show's working, the show's working. Comic books are serialized entertainment and a lot of them lend themselves to TV shows as much or more than they do to movies. I like him because he's basically Marvel's Batman, thanks to Frank Miller basically. So for me I didn't think they'd be able to sustain that sort of mood on TV but TV has changed so much. It's come up so much that I think it might just be the right place."
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Of course, many fans weren't terribly happy with the first Daredevil movie, which hit theaters in 2003 and stars, ironically, Ben Affleck, who now plays Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The director recently said in another interview that he has always wanted to make a Batman movie, and while it isn't known if he would have directed a Daredevil movie, he would likely be involved in some level. Marvel's Daredevil has been renewed for a second season already, and series star Charlie Cox has also expressed his interest in making a Daredevil movie. Since Avengers: Age of Ultron is Joss Whedon's last Marvel movie for the time being, perhaps Marvel could find a way to lure Joss Whedon back to directing by developing a Daredevil movie starring Charlie Cox. What do you think about these new details? Would you have rather seen a Daredevil movie than a TV show? Let us know what you think.