Most 74 year olds have found themselves living a quite retired life. Not Marvel's Daredevil star Scott Glenn. Instead of sunbathing and shuffleboard, he is performing his own dangerous stunts as the blind sensei Stick, who trained Matt Murdock in the ways of kung fu. Talking to IGN about the part, he reveals that Netflix's upcoming action series based on the Marvel comics may, in fact, be the most stunt heavy show of all time. He explains that he was drawing on his own past experiences in martial arts to bring this character to life:

"I was drawing on the many lessons I learned in life. Filipino Martial Arts and Brazilian Jujitsu. A lot of stuff. The trick was to have that flow. Daredevil is probably the most stunt heavy TV series ever shot. My character is on the high volume side of that. For me, it was, almost every day, the challenges and demands of the part were to integrate blindness and being a martial arts master with the emotional life as well. I loved it."
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Scott Glenn went onto talk about his preparations for the role. He has never played blind before, which did create a challenge for the iconic actor. He says:

"As Stick...It was brand new for me. Because I have never played blind before. The first thing I had to figure out was how do I do this? I got to know very well during the shooting of this, the stunt coordinator. When I first got together with him in New York, he said, 'You know most of this stuff, don't you?' And I said, 'Yeah, I've been playing around with it since I was nine ears old. After an afternoon of he and I just playing around on the set, he said, 'We'll have stunt doubles on really long shots, because I don't want to kill you...But you can do all of this stuff. So I want you do do all of this stuff.' The trick for me was to incorporate action that was really on the edge of Hong Kong Bruce Lee stuff."

True to form, Scott Glenn didn't reveal anything about his character's actual involvement in the story line. Instead, he expressed what we've heard other actors talk about so much when it comes to Marvel. They are a highly secretive group. But he respects that. He says:

"Marvel are the most security conscious group I have ever been around. I respect that. They treated me phenomenally well. They let me create this character as much as I wanted. No one ever edited me. Everything I needed or wanted was there. It was phenomenal. I will respect their concern for security. I had to learn completely about the world of comic books and who Stick is in relation to Daredevil. I knew none of that. But what I learned is that everyone involved, whether they were 70 or 17, this stuff is serious to them. I made the decision that it was going to be serious for me too. At one point I asked, 'How old am I?' The director said, 'You're in your late 90s.' I said, 'My late 90s?' And he said, 'You have to understand this world. You still have the strength of a 22 year old.' So, there was a lot of work in that comic type of world, where you could creep up to naturalism and reality...But at a certain point, kind of not, too."