Even as comic book movies are conquering the box office worldwide, the comic book industry itself is in dire straits. Readership has been falling for a long time, and the current lockdown has sounded the death knell for the physical distribution of comics. In these troubled times, a few notable writers, like Gail Simone and Donny Cates, who work for both Marvel and DC, the giants of the industry, have proposed a method to drum up audience interest in the most spectacular manner, as Simone revealed in a twitter post.

"When comics shops open back up as we all hope they will, I would love it if DC and Marvel could ask the lawyer to step outside, and have another big Marvel/DC crossover. A lot of people would love it and it would lay the welcome mat back out in a big way.
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The prospect of a crossover between the two comic giants might be difficult to fathom for fans who only know of their characters through the movies. While the MCU and the DCEU are kept fiercely apart by copyright laws and intellectual property licenses, the comics have seen the Avengers crossover with the Justice League more than once.

The two superhero teams have united in the past to battle threats too great for one group of heroes to deal with, like Krona, the universe destroyer who sought to annihilate the multiverse in order to recreate the big bang, or the time when the respective universes of the superheroes gained sentience and began a battle to the death. Yeah, comics can get really weird at times.

With the current predicament being faced by the comics industry, it makes sense to have another well-publicized and much-hyped crossover, and the interesting thing is, DC and Marvel may already have been laying the seeds for just such an event.

In a recent issue of Marvel's Thor, there is a panel where we see other previous wielders of his enchanted hammer Mjolnir, and prominent among them are Superman and Wonder Woman. Meanwhile, over at DC Comics, there is a panel where Dr. Manhattan looks into Superman's future and sees him partaking in something called 'Secret Crisis', involving a team-up with Thor, and Hulk sacrificing his life to save them.

So the stage is very much set for a comics crossover between the Avengers and the Justice League, which would in turn logically lead to the MCU and the DCEU also someday following suit and giving us crossover storylines. David F. Sandberg, the director of Shazam, who was asked to weigh in on the issue, revealed that he would love to see Shazam from his movie teaming up with Spider-Man since they are both teen heroes blessed with amazing powers, light-hearted natures and a strong sense of justice.

So far, the closest we have come to seeing a live-action crossover has been through Deadpool and its sequel. The fourth-wall-breaking psycho assassin has not been shy about poking fun at both Marvel and DC movies, making jokes about the failed Green Lantern flick, the overly-dark approach of many DCEU films, the convoluted timelines of the X-Men movies, and the incongruity of Josh Brolin playing both Cable and Thanos in the MCU. This news comes via ScreenRant.