Is Marvel finally getting Fantastic Four and X-Men back, as well as the rights to the original Star Wars trilogy? That's a fun idea, but not so fast. A new report claims that Disney, one of the most powerful names in entertainment, has had talks to possibly purchase most of 21st Century Fox. While there's no deal currently on the table and the actual details are somewhat complicated, it looks like the Mouse House could be making a massive acquisition in the future. But for now, all talks are dead. Things have cooled down a bit. But that said, should talks pick back up, this would have a truly huge effect on the Hollywood landscape, as Disney would be in control of another major movie studio, in addition to getting a stronger foothold in the world of TV as well.

There's a lot that this could mean, but it's important to know what Disney would not be purchasing. According to the initial report, Disney would not be purchasing the Fox broadcasting network. They also wouldn't be purchasing Fox's sports programming arm, as Disney already owns ESPN. Assuming the sale goes through, Fox would plan on focusing strictly on sports and news and would streamline their business model. As for Disney? They'd be getting FX, National Geographic, and much more But perhaps most importantly, 20th Century Fox. That means, in addition to many other things, Disney would finally own the home video rights to the original Star Wars movies.

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Disney purchasing the majority of 21st Century Fox would mean a lot of changes, but there's no doubt that the movie side of things would be arguably the most flashy element of the sale. Not only does 20th Century Fox represent a massive bit of competition that Disney would be taking off the table, but they also happen to own the rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises, in addition to securing the last, lingering rights to Star Wars they don't currently own. That means, should this purchase eventually go through, Marvel fans could possibly, finally get their wish and the X-Men franchises could crossover with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Either way, Marvel Studios would be in control of the vast majority of their characters once again.

Before anyone gets their hopes up a little too high, it should be noted that talks are not currently happening. According to the report, Disney and Fox have been having discussions off and on, so the talks could resume again, but they aren't happening right now. Also, this is a truly massive purchase, so a deal like this could take a while to work out. So even if both sides really want it to happen, it could be months, if not a couple of years, before we really feel the effects of the acquisition. It also should be noted that Fox's stock prices surged after the initial report surfaced.

It's also important to note that Disney recently announced they're going to be launching their own streaming service next year. They're pulling all of their titles from Netflix and will hope to compete in the streaming game with their massive, desirable library of titles, that includes Star Wars and Marvel. Purchasing Fox would give them even more possible content for that streaming service and could help Disney assert themselves in that marketplace as well.

The implications of Disney possibly purchasing 21st Century Fox are massive. Disney is already such a dominant force in the industry that owning another massive studio could give them a borderline unfair advantage. Per CNBC's report, no dollar amount has been obtained, so we have no idea what insane dollar figure Disney would need to put forward in order to make this acquisition happen. No doubt, it's going to be a ridiculous amount. Fox and Disney have yet to officially comment on the matter, but we'll be sure to keep you up to date as more information is made available. The news even has Ryan Reynolds questioning the potential future of Deadpool.