We just got a look at the first Marvel Disney+ TV show footage during the Super Bowl. But now we know more series are coming. Bob Iger has confirmed that there are an additional two Marvel Disney+ shows in development. These are two shows outside of what has already been previously announced. As usual, Marvel Studios used the Super Bowl this year to blow away Marvel Cinematic Universe fans. This time, they offered up the first looks at The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Wanda Vision, and Loki. The first two of the aforementioned shows will premiere later this year, with the third coming early next year. But, there's a lot more coming down the mountain.

In addition to The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Wanda Vision, and Loki, Marvel also has Ms. Marvel and the animated What If...? series on the way. As far as officially announced projects that are in various stages of development, Hawkeye, She-Hulk, and Moon Knight are all on the way. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has confirmed all of these titles. Outside of the big three that are already in production, Disney CEO Bob Iger says that there are 7 shows currently being developed.

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This would mean that there are two remaining mystery shows counted after Ms. Marvel, What If...?, Hawkeye, She-Hulk, and Moon Knight. But what are they going to be? One of the larger rumors going around is that Marvel Studios is looking to make a Secret Wars series for Disney+, which would be huge for MCU fans who have been waiting to see that story arc on the big screen. Kevin Feige has said that the small screen shows will all connect to the movies, so the Secret Wars would be a good jumping off spot that could connect to a number of different storylines.

As for the identity of another Disney+ show, it could very well be the long-talked about Marvel 616 series. The docuseries is set to take an in-depth look at how Marvel has impacted the world through their characters and story arcs. While the show isn't what most MCU fans were thinking of, it would make sense and it seems like something hardcore and casual fans would get behind. However, it should be noted that the identity of these two mystery shows has not been provided officially. This is all pure speculation for the time being.

Regardless of anything, Marvel Studios is setting up the next handful of years to be bigger than ever before, which is really saying something. The addition of these Disney+ shows are going to be big for fans and the streaming service, which is currently lacking MCU original material. This is all going to fit together with what's happening on the big screen, which includes the Black Widow standalone movie and the Eternals movie this year. As for the future, that's a big question mark, even though we know it will be filled to the brim with MCU content. The Bob Iger comments were first revealed by The Hollywood Reporter.