Here's some Marvel news that actually isn't Infinity War related, but instead falls into its own bizarre category that nobody saw coming. Marvel's new editor-in-chief, C.B. Cebulski, who is a Caucasian man, has just admitted to writing under the Japanese-sounding pseudonym "Akira Yoshida" in the early 2000s while he was an associate editor at Marvel. Many in the industry have believed that Akira Yoshida was a real person of Japanese descent and apparently Marvel Comics bragged about how unusual it was to find a non-Westerner that could write American comics so well. As it turns out, they were bragging about a white dude who was posing as Japanese writer who grew up on Manga.

Bleeding Cool broke the story and now C.B. Cebulski has admitted that he is, indeed, Akira Yoshida. According to the article, Cebulski first adopted the name around 2004, when he was already an associate editor at Marvel. His first handful of gigs with the Akira Yoshida moniker were done outside of Marvel, but he ended up in a tough spot when a Marvel editor who was interested by those comics asked Yoshida to write for him. Marvel has a strict policy that prohibits editors from getting paid to write for the comic company.

Throwing caution into the wind, C.B. Cebulski decided to continue to write for Marvel Comics and wrote some well-known comics featuring Wolverine and Thor with elements of Japanese martial arts thrown in. The lie continued and got more complex when Cebulski did an interview with CBR back in 2005 and concocted a fake back story about the young Japanese writer on the rise. The interview has some good gems and almost seems believable when looking back. Part of it reads.

"Yoshida started his career in editorial at a small Japanese comic publisher named Fujimi Shobo. It was there that he got to meet writers and manga artists like Ryo Mizuno ("Record of Lodoss War") and Kia Asamiya ("Silent Mobius"). The company was eventually bought out by a larger publisher, but the contacts Yoshida made proved helpful."

The story only gets better from here. In 2015, a blog post by CBR writer Brian Cronin debunking Marvel urban legends, found that several editors had never spoken with Akira Yoshida before, which suggested that the rumor was true, but Marvel editor Mike Marts then claimed that he had lunch with Yoshida who showed him a Godzilla memorabilia collection. That man was a visiting Japanese translator and not the fictional Yoshida, according to Bleeding Cool journalist Rich Johnston, which leads us to the weird fact that Marvel editors couldn't tell the difference.

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Rumors about Akira Yoshida popped up again over the summer, but nothing really came of it, but over the weekend that all changed when Image Comics brand manager David Brothers sent out a tweet, blowing C.B. Cebulski's cover and asking journalists to look into the matter further. After the Bleeding Cool story went live, Cebulski came clean and had this to say.

"I stopped writing under the pseudonym Akira Yoshida after about a year. It wasn't transparent, but it taught me a lot about writing, communication and pressure. I was young and naïve and had a lot to learn back then. But this is all old news that has been dealt with, and now as Marvel's new Editor-in-Chief, I'm turning a new page and am excited to start sharing all my Marvel experiences with up and coming talent around the globe."

C.B. Cebulski implies that Marvel found about the incident years ago, which does not put the comic book giant in a good position and it doesn't take a crystal ball to figure out what could happen next for "Akira Yoshida," aka C.B. Cebulski. Whatever the case may be, comic fans are not happy right now and they are looking for answers. You can read more about the bizarre fictional legend of Akira Yoshida via Bleeding Cool.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb
Kevin Burwick