George Miller's Justice League of America has been all over the news, but what about the other "World's Greatest Superteam" - Marvel's Avengers? Talking to MTV Movies Blog, Marvel's editor-in-chief, Joe Quesada, discussed the possibility of an Avengers movie.

"Strictly speaking as a fan, who wouldn't want to see [an Avengers movie]," Quesada enthused.

Despite his enthusiasm, Quesada was fast to point out that the chances of such a film being made were very slim indeed. However, he did offer up his pick for an Avenger's roster.

"It would be Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man," Quesada stated. "You can have anyone outside of that, but if you had those three characters, you have a tremendous Avengers movie. Those three characters are sort of the Holy Trinity here at Marvel."

Iron Man and Thor are both coming to the big screen, and are both being produced by Paramount Pictures. With the announcement that Nick Cassavaettes is in talks to direct a Captain America feature for Paramount, it seems like Quesada's dream line-up is actually a possibility.