Marvel's Editor-in-Chief, Joe Quesada and writer Brian Michael Bendis had a meeting with Thor director Kenneth Branagh to discuss the film, and apparently the meeting went very well. As Quesada revealed in some back and forth messages with Bendis on Twitter, apparently Branagh understands the sensibility Marvel wants for this movie.

Here's how the conversation went:

@JoeQuesada: Okay, three words describe my day today "Branagh gets it!

@BRIANMBENDIS:@JoeQuesada hey are we allowed to talk about what we did today or is it hush hush?

@JoeQuesada: @BRIANMBENDIS We can't go into detail but I think we can say that we met with Branagh about Thor ;-)

@BRIANMBENDIS: @JoeQuesada so we can't go into detail but maybe we can say that we met with Branagh about Thor ;-)

@JoeQuesada: (in response to a fan) I'll tell you what's sweet @rdhall Sweet is when he starts quoting continuity and past storylines. The man has immersed himself in Marvel

@JoeQuesada: Yes @BRIANMBENDIS we can hint at hour super secret Thor meeting with Branagh, but don't give it away, just hint

So, not a lot of details revealed, but clearly Branagh has done his homework on the background of Marvel's version of the Norse Thunder God. Combined with his Shakespearean background, it sounds like Branagh's take on Thor might be just what fans are hoping for.

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Thor is scheduled for a July 18, 2010 release.