Captain Marvel, which arrives in 2019, is Marvel and Disney's first solo female superhero adventure. And as expected, there are plenty of actresses vying for the role. Perhaps none more so than Katee Sackhoff. But as she recently revealed to Playboy, there may be another Marvel character that she is more interested in, especially as the cattle call for Carol Danvers becomes increasingly crowded.

Katee Sackhoff is the queen of nerd franchises. Everyone fell in love with her in Battlestar Galactica. And she carried that good will over to a role in the sci-fi thriller Riddick starring opposite Vin Diesel. She's tussled with serial killer Mike Myers in Halloween: Resurrection, played with the The Bionic Woman, and run alongside Jack Bauer on 24. She's even hung out with Leonard and Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory. Twice. And despite the fact that she's voiced a popular Star Wars character, she still has never played a Marvel character on the big or small screen.

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That may all change soon enough. Rumors continue to rise up that she is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in some capacity. And she's admitted that she's had meetings with the studio. But so far, nothing has come of it. Now, speaking with Playboy, the fan-favorite actress has revealed whom she might rather take on than Captain Marvel. And it's a character she's played before. She wants to reprise her role as Black Cat in the Spider-Man reboot.

"Oh, 100% I'd do that! I love playing characters who are multilayered and multidimensional and have a darkness to them, which makes them more realistic and more fun to play."

While she says in the interview that she has taken meetings with Marvel, she doesn't offer any other hint as to whom she might be playing. She has hinted in the past that Carol Danvers may be too much of a hero for her, and is looking to stray to the dark side with a character that is a little more villainous. Black Cat, who goes by the name Felicia Hardy is known as an anti-hero. She has a bad reputation, but she's also been romantically linked to Peter Parker. Though, she seems a little too old for the high school aged Tom Holland. Katee Sackhoff previously voiced Black Cat in the video game Spider-Man: Edge of Time.

While we didn't get to see Black Cat on the big screen (the character as not appeared in any of the movies), we did get to meet Felicia Hardy in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. And it clearly looked as though Black Cat's entrance was being set up for The Amazing Spider-Man 3. Sadly that isn't happening, as Marvel and Sony have decided to completely reboot the franchise, and make it part of the MCU. The character of Felicia Hardy was originated for the screen by Felicity Jones.

At this time, we don't know if the new Spider-Man has plans to use Black Cat, but its not impossible. We've heard that the first installment of this rebooted franchise will bring in villain Kraven the Hunter. However it turns out, we'll let you know as soon as Katee Sackhoff suits up for a Marvel adventure. What do you think of her as Black Cat? We've included a trailer for Spider-Man: Edge of Time, which shows what she's capable of bringing to this character.

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