Marvel's Jessica Jones debuted this past weekend, and was an instant hit for Netflix. Both fans and critics alike have been raving about the hour-long episodic drama. And Mike Colter, who's Luke Cage is introduced in the first episode, has become an instant favorite. As any true believer knows, the bar-owning superhero is getting his own Netflix series in 2016, with Marvel's Luke Cage. That series is starting to seriously heat up, and today, we have news of a new casting addition.

Iconic actress Sonia Braga is officially joining the MCU. Perhaps best known for her star making turn in 1985's Kiss of the Spider Woman, she will actually have a pretty important role in Hell's Kitchen. She is playing Soledad Temple. She is the mother of Rosario Dawson's Claire Temple.

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Otherwise known as The Night Nurse, Rosario Dawson was first introduced in this past spring's debut Marvel Netflix series Daredevil. She also briefly appears in Marvel's Jessica Jones. Though she is believed to have a much more substantial role in Marvel's Luke Cage. The actress is set to appear in all of the Marvel Netflix series, including Iron Fist and The Defenders. The Night Nurse has been called the connective tissue that ties all of these Hell's Kitchen crusaders together. Says Marvel and Netflix.

"Claire Temple, prepare to meet your mom in #Marvel's @LukeCage for #Netflix!"

Marvel's Luke Cage will debut with 13 episodes. Though an official release date as not yet been announced. It is expected that this third of the four shows will arrive in the summer, following Marvel's Daredevil Season 2, which will arrive sometime in the spring. Luke Cage is an ex-con with super strength who is trying to get his life back on track. He becomes a hero for hire to pay his bills in contemporary New York. He also runs a dive bar that is surprisingly clean.

Luke Cage and Jessica Jones first hook up in the premier episode of Marvel's Jessica Jones, and they have a long standing relationship in the comic books, and even share a child together. It isn't known when this story line will be brought into the series side of things, but it's expected that Krysten Ritter will still have a heavy presence in Marvel's Luke Cage. The superhero was first introduced in the pages of Marvel comic books way back in 1972. Sonia Braga is a Golden Globe and Emmy nominated actress. She most recently had a recurring arc on USA's Royal Pains.