Could former Breaking Bad star Giancarlo Esposito be heading to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Before even starting with this one, we're going to state that this is just a rumor for the time being, one that is also relying, in part, on some speculation, based on some other rumblings about potential future happenings within the MCU. So, don't take any of this as the word of law. At least not yet. That said, let's dig into this possibly juicy info.

According to a new report from an MCU fan site, Giancarlo Esposito, best known for his role as the evil Gus Fring on Breaking Bad, is up for a big role in a future MCU movie. The site notes that there is no word on who Esposito could be playing, should this turn out to be true and should he be the one to actually land the role. However, this is where another tantalizing and persistent rumor comes in; could Esposito be our new Norman Osborn? This is where speculation comes into play, but hear us out.

Previous, persistent rumors have stated that Marvel has plans to bring Norman Osborn into the MCU. Osborn is known best as the man who becomes the Green Goblin, one of Spider-Man's most notorious foes. There was even a casting notice looking to cast someone as "The Benefactor," who is described as mysterious and nefarious, in their 40s to 60s. It's highly suspected this character is Norman Osborn and, based on Giancarlo Esposito's previous work, while also taking his age into account (61), he certainly seems to fit the bill.

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For those who perhaps don't keep up with Marvel Comics, Norman Osborn did a whole lot more beyond terrorizing Spider-Man as the Green Goblin. Osborn eventually gains a great deal of credibility with the general public, ultimately giving him political power within the government. He's, at one point, appointed as director of The Thunderbolts, who are essentially Marvel's answer to the Suicide Squad. Osborn ended the Skrull war in the Secret Invasion storyline. Another crucial point; Osborn assumes the Iron Patriot persona in the pages of Marvel Comics, which he uses to wield power over his own Avengers team. All of this to say, there's a whole lot Osborn could do in the MCU beyond riding a cool glider and throwing pumpkin bombs.

One very important element to all of this is the fact that Sony still owns the rights to Norman Osborn, since Sony owns the rights to Spider-Man and all of his surrounding characters. However, Sony has a deal in place with Marvel Studios to allow those characters to appear in the MCU. But that could end at any time. Would Marvel Studios hinge a new long-term villain play on a character they don't own the rights to? It's hard to say, but even if it's not as Norman Osborn, the MCU could be adding an excellent character actor to its roster in the near future. This news comes to us via MCU Cosmic.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott