Mark Ruffalo is very familiar with San Diego Comic-Con. The Bruce Banner/Hulk actor has been attending the annual event, off and on, over the past several years and he has some advice to all of the Marvel Cinematic Universe fans down in San Diego this weekend. It's unclear if Ruffalo will be in town this year, but Marvel Studios is boasting some pretty big surprises. With that being said, the D23 Expo takes place at the end of August, so it might be a safer bet to see him there.

When Mark Ruffalo isn't promoting a new Marvel movie project or social awareness on social media, the Avengers: Endgame star is known to be pretty funny. A few years ago, while promoting Thor: Ragnarok, he shared a picture of Chris Hemsworth, Taika Waititi, and Tom Hiddleston all sharing a couch bed, passed out. Ruffalo has unearthed the classic photo once again and tells fans, "Remember to get plenty of sleep before you arrive at #SDCC, like my friends from work did in 2017."

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San Diego Comic-Con is not for the faint of heart and this year is set to be a pretty big one for MCU fans. First up, the Russo Brothers are conducting a panel about their work with Marvel Studios and beyond, along with more than likely celebrating the mighty success of Avengers: Endgame. There's the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. panel and then what everybody has been waiting for: Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige's appearance at Hall H. Feige will be going over what fans can expect from Marvel Studios over the next few years and excitement is high, to say the least.

Mark Ruffalo's quote is an obvious reference to Thor: Ragnarok from when the God of Thunder finds out he's fighting Hulk. Speaking of The God of Thunder and Taika Waititi, it has been revealed that Thor 4 is actually happening and Chris Hemsworth and Waititi will be returning. It is unclear if Mark Ruffalo will be back, but fans are hoping he and Tessa Thompson will also reprise their roles when the time comes. Perhaps even Bradley Cooper will come along to voice Rocket the Raccoon. At the very least, we know Korg and Miek will be there, as long as they're not still playing Fortnite.

Thor 4 could be one of the projects for the MCU's Phase 4 that Kevin Feige announces this weekend at Comic-Con. If he does, let's hope he announces the returning cast too. Tessa Thompson seems to be a no-brainer, but there are a lot of other characters fans would love to see return in the highly anticipated sequel. Will Thor be back in his usual God of Thunder shape? Or will he embrace being overweight for the rest of his MCU journey. Regardless, fans are ready for more Thor. You can check out the Comic-Con message form Mark Ruffalo's Twitter below.

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