It has just been revealed Marvel Studios is going to shoot a new untitled mystery movie in Australia. It isn't clear what the project will be, but it has led to speculation that Thor 4 could actually be happening. Chris Hemsworth is Australian and director Taika Waititi is from New Zealand, which isn't very far away. Additionally, the two have said they have loosely talked about the idea, though nothing has been officially talked about by the studio. After the success of Thor: Ragnarok, which was shot in Australia, the studio may have been able to convince Hemsworth to come back and play the God of Thunder one more time.

As is reported, Australia's federal government is giving Disne a $17.1 million subsidy with this untitled Marvel movie to be shot at the newly acquired Fox Studios Australia. Disney took over the Sydney studios last month when it gained control of 20th Century Fox. While Thor 4 sounds enticing to fans, there is a more likley candidate for what is described as "a major new Marvel Studios movie" and "a big-budget superhero film." The local media in Australia is saying that the movie is actually The Hands of Shang-Chi. Which might make more sense than a Thor sequel at this point. But Marvel and Disney are not confirming anything.

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While Thor 4 would be someting fans are certainly looking forward to seeing, it simply has not been mentioned as even a possibility by anyone directly involved with Marvel Studios. However, Black Panther 2 has been confirmed and it could very well end up shooting in Australia, and while Black Widow has its roots firmly planted in Russia, we can't count that out either. Production on the mystery project is set to take place at Fox Studios Australia and other locations. Mitch Fifield, Australia's Minister for Communications and the Arts, and Don Harwin, New South Wales' Minister for the Arts made the Australian production announcement in a joint press release. You can read part of the release below.

"We are very excited to have Marvel return to Australia following the incredible success of Thor: Ragnarok. Securing this latest production will bring over $150 million of new international investment, create 4,700 new Australian jobs and use the services of around 1,200 local businesses."

Marvel Studios going back to Australia is going to be great for the local economy, which is always a good thing. However, just what movie is Marvel Studios bringing over there? There's also a chance it could be the recently reignited Guardians of the Galaxy 3, though it is unclear just when the third installment will begin production since James Gunn is currently working on The Suicide Squad.

Right now, Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have their eyes on Avengers: Endgame, which is all set to hit theaters at the end of the month. The conclusion of the highly anticipated sequel will give us a better idea of what the mysterious Australian Marvel Studios project will be. There have been many rumors surrounding the original six of Earth's Mightiest Heroes not making it out of the movie alive, so we'll just have to wait and see at this point.

Mitch Fifield and Don Harwin did not say when the Marvel Studios' mystery movie will be shooting in Australia. Chris Hemsworth and Taika Waititi had a lot of fun making Thor: Ragnarok in Australia and they ended up changing the tone of the character in the process. Hemsworth has admitted he was a bit bored with the character and that Waititi's style of using improv reinvigorated his love for the character, which is clearly evident on the big screen. This news was first reported by Variety.