Earlier in the year, Al Pacino went out of his way to promote Guardians of the Galaxy by publicly praising the film. Now, it seems he's caught the eye of Marvel Studios, who are looking to bring the actor into their movie universe. If he signs on for a role, he will join other Hollywood icons such as Robert Redford, who appeared in this past summer's Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Michael Douglas, who plays the co-lead as Hank Pym in Ant-Man, and Samuel L. Jackson who has portrayed Nick Fury in nearly all of the MCU titles.

At this time, it isn't known which character Al Pacino is wanted for, or what movie he would be appearing in. The actor confirmed the news himself, saying he has met with Marvel boss Kevin Feige, and it definitely sounds like something is being planned.

"I've met with the Marvel guy. It's a Marvel how things happen [Laughs]."

Al Pacino revealed the news on Josh Horowitz's HappySadConfused podcast. Al Pacino continued to discuss the role, but was cut short by an incoming phone call, which he joked was Kevin Feige telling him not to say any more:

"Yeah. I would imagine that either there's something he feels is right for me and if I feel..."

At this point, there is no speculation on who Al Pacino may be playing, as there are 9 Marvel movies coming our way before 2020. Its possible that he's lining up a role in anything from Black Panther, to Captain Marvel to Inhumans. Or he may be joining the sequels Captain America: Civil War or Guardians of the Galaxy 2. James Gunn had this to say about working with Al Pacino earlier in the year, where he doesn't make that movie sound too likely:

"I'm a huge, huge Al Pacino fan and I would love to find a way to work with him, whether it was in a Guardians movie or something else. The truth is that the next Guardians film, I've had so much of it worked out for a long time that I'm not sure there is a role to write there for Al Pacino, or for anybody else in particular. But yeah, of course, I always have those guys who I admire and I look up to and I'm always excited to write a role for them."
B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange