A new report claims that Marvel and Disney are trying to lock-in Ant-Man co-writer Adam McKay to direct one of their upcoming Phase Three Movies. Latino Review has the scoop. Though, they aren't quite sure which movie he is best suited for. Could it be Inhumans or Captain Marvel? And is Black Panther completely off the table?

As you may know, Marvel furiously tried to get Adam McKay, best known for his Will Ferrell collaborations such as Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, The Other Guys and Anchorman, to direct Ant-Man when original director Edgar Wright walked away due to creative differences. While Peyton Reed took the job, Adam McKay did step in for a complete rewrite of the screenplay, which he did alongside star and frequent collaborator Paul Rudd. It seems that Marvel is quite pleased with the work Adam McKay brought to the table in helping the film move forward on its strict timetable. Now they want him behind the camera.

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It was recently announced that The Russo Brothers will be jumping into Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 and Avengers: Infinity War Part 2 after they finish shooting Captain America: Civil War and Ghostbusters 4 later this year. Scott Derrickson is already confirmed to helm Doctor Strange. And James Gunn is of course returning for Guardians of the Galaxy 2. That leaves Inhumans, Captain Marvel, and Black Panther as the other new movies on the docket. There is also Thor: Ragnarok, which is currently director-less. Its speculated that Captain Marvel will go after a female director, while Black Panther will seek out a 'minority' director, though the report doesn't specifically state African-American. Its also said that there are other reasons why these two movies should not be considered on this list. Those reasons are not listed.

That only leaves Inhumans and Thor: Ragnarok, but commentators don't think he will fit into the world of Asgard. Inhumans doesn't hit theaters until 2019, but they are already starting to bring the movie together, and it sounds like Adam McKay might be the perfect fit. Though not part of Marvel Phase Three, its possible that they could also want him to return for Ant-Man 2. But that discussion has not yet hit the table, and probably wont until after the movie opens. Everyone at Marvel has faith in the project, but that doesn't mean it won't bomb with the American movie going public. Though, that has not happened at the studio just yet. We also can't overlooked the possibility that he might direct a Spider-Man movie for Disney sometime in the future. That's possible.