Surrounded by topless strippers in Deadpool, many believed this would be Stan Lee's favorite Marvel movie cameo. But no. The legendary comic book character creator has a different film that tops his list. And it's actually in a sequel that comes from Marvel Studios and Disney. Yes, asked which of his own personal appearances on the big screen resonated most with him, Stan Lee had to go with Avengers: Age of Ultron.

It doesn't matter if the movie comes from Marvel Studios and Disney or another studio with the rights to a Marvel character, it's very seldom that Stan Lee misses a chance to appear on screen with some of his most iconic creations. He's appeared in all of the Marvel and Disney movies, and only recently missed showing up in the Fantastic Four reboot from 20th Century Fox last summer. Which he credits for the film's box office failure. With over 20 cameos under his belt, Stan the Man has finally revealed which is his all-time favorite.

RELATED: Black Widow Is Pregnant in Avengers: Age of Ultron Deleted Scene Image attended Silicon Valley Comic-Con this past weekend, where Stan Lee was making an appearance. And he called out the moment where he has a drinking contest with Thor. One that he loses very badly. About the cameo, Stan Lee had this to say.

"I loved the one that I did, I think it was in The Avengers 2, when I want to have a drink that Thor is drinking. It'll be too strong for me, I think. And I drink it, and in the next scene they're carrying me out."

Of course he chose this cameo. While it doesn't include any beautiful naked women, it is one of the MCU's funnier moments in what would eventually become one of the studio's darkest movies to date. While most of his cameos are fleeting, this particular one gave Stan the Man a chance to show his comedic chops while fully interacting with his creations on screen. And it served as the first time that he got to say his iconic catchphrase "Excelsior!"

While Deadpool marked Stan Lee's first cameo of 2016, the comic book legend is expected to return to theaters at least two more times this year. He'll next be see this May in Captain America: Civil War, then he'll return in November for Doctor Strange. It's also possible that he might show up in X-Men: Apocalypse this summer, especially since it brings the entire X-Men movie franchise to its conclusion as we know it. Will any of these three movies be able to top Stan's Avengers: Age of Ultron cameo? You can watch the cameo in the embed below.