It's the age old question: Who is better? Marvel or DC? We can all pretty much guess which side Samuel L. Jackson is on. He has played Nick Fury in 7 Marvel movies, and has two more left to go under his contract. He may have to choose a side, but he has an explanation for why he will always stand with Marvel. It's a conversation that is sure to get fans heated, and may even cause some controversy.

Speaking with MTV, the actor took some time out of his Kingsman: The Secret Service promotional efforts to focus on his main love. Why is Marvel better than DC? He calls it accessibility:

"The Marvel universe is huge. I don't know how many thousands of character there are in the Marvel universe that they can access and use. I'm not surprised by that. It's been that way since we started reading comic books. Most of us understand that in the comic book world you can crossbreed and do all kinds of stuff. I think Marvel has made a way to make those movies accessible to the public, that DC hasn't. I don't know what that is. I don't know why you can't get Batman and Superman, and people as juiced up to be a part of that."

Some may think it's unfair for Samuel L. Jackson to dismiss the DC Movies, as Superman and Batman have both made plenty of money at the Box Office for Warner Bros. But the studio has had their flops too, with Jonah Hex and Green Lantern tainting the DC name just a tad. So far, Marvel hasn't had a bomb. And some could account that to Samuel L. Jackson, as he's appeared in nearly all of the movies thus far. Earlier in the week, he claimed he might be done with Nick Fury after he shoots two more appearances as the beloved character. Though, in this new interview, he seems a little more intent on signing a new contract. He also seems to want a bizarre Nick Fury/ Pulp Fiction crossover movie that would see Jules and the former SHIELD leader working to find their purpose in life:

"I'm cool doing Nick Fury as long as they keep writing him into these films. Right now it seems he's on the same path as Jules. Maybe they'll cross paths. They are out there looking...Jules is looking for whatever, and Nick Fury is off trying to figure out what the Hell happened to SHIELD and how did these people infiltrate it in that particular way. Maybe they'll cross paths somewhere. I'll do Jules and Nick Fury in one movie together. I'll be my own Orphan Black."

What do you think? Would you pay money to see Jules and Nick Fury in the same movie? Do you agree with Samuel L. Jackson's idea about why Marvel movies are better than DC? Let us know your thoughts as we head into this weekend, which sees the actor's Kingsman: The Secret Service opening in a theater near you!

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange