In a new interview, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige talked about the influence that the Star Wars franchise has on himself and his team while working on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The MCU is releasing the unprecedented Infinity War this weekend, the culmination of 10 years and 19 movies. Keeping the stories all intertwined across different writers and directors has taken amazing care and attention to detail that was sparked by the Star Wars universe, according to Kevin Feige.

Specifically, Kevin Feige reveals that it was the Star Wars Sourcebook for role-playing games that had him obsessed. The book was first published in 1987 and goes in and gives in-depth information about everything from ships to blasters all the way to droids and Lightsabers. Feige admits that he read the whole thing and reveals that a lot of that book had an influence on the MCU. He explains.

"I read it from cover to cover and it was a wealth of new information. And one of the great things about Star Wars and one of the things that I think is great about the Marvel characters from the comics and what we try to emulate in the movies is if you're the kind of person that wants to go see it on opening weekend, our job is to make sure you have a great time."

The Star Wars Sourcebook works for the surface level type of information, but it's aimed at the fans that want to know more, something that Kevin Feige is hyper aware of when a new MCU movie is in production. Not only does the movie have to work well on its own, it also has to have repeat viewing functions as well. That way the hardcore MCU fan can notice something different each time they watch the film. Feige had this to say.

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"If you want to see it a second time, our job is to make sure there's more there. Third, fourth, fifth time, still more there. And even the deeper you go, there'll be things to reward you. And I learned that directly from Star Wars and from those West End Sourcebooks."

Even though Infinity War is the culmination of 10 years and 19 movies, a moviegoer can still walk in without any knowledge of the MCU at all and still enjoy the movie for what it is. But, the movie is mainly aimed at the hardcore devotees who will end up seeing the movie multiple times. Kevin Feige and the team at Marvel Studios have made sure that the repeat viewings will be worthwhile for those fans who wish to go deeper.

Kevin Feige went on to talk about the production teams that the MCU has in place after working together for 10 years now. Lucasfilm has worked in the same way ever since Disney took over. Feige had this to say.

"We have the core group of filmmakers of the executive producer teams. Again, we've been together for almost ten years. And it's a little internal group that for various reasons we call Parliament. At the least of which is we often yell at each other across tables. And keeping track of that is not as complicated I think for us as it is for Star Wars. We've got ten years, Star Wars has got like 40 plus years. But it really comes out of each individual film and what's best for each individual story that we're telling but it is the core group of filmmakers that work on all these movies that keep track of all that."

Before we know it, the Marvel Cinematic Universe will get deeper into the franchise, much like the Star Wars universe is doing now. Phase 4 of the MCU is expected to start after the release of next year's still untitled Avengers 4. You can read more about what Kevin Feige had to say about the influence from Star Wars on the MCU over at ComicBook.

Kevin Burwick