Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 1 is getting turned into a TV series by a hardcore Marvel Studios fan. It's been 10 years since Iron Man debuted and kicked off the MCU. Not many people would have been able to predict that it would be as massively popular as it is now, 20 movies down and over $17 billion in box office earnings to date. However, things are only getting started, which has led some fans to go back and watch all of the previous films, and the new TV series idea gives fans a completely fresh way to experience the MCU again.

Screenwriter and editor Samuel Masters is the mastermind behind the MCU TV series idea. Masters says that the initial idea for the show came about as a joke between he and his friends. He notes that he and his friends were trying to come up with the most efficient way to revisit the past MCU films, which is where the TV series idea first came from. He explains.

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"We've completed a full first season leading up to the first Avengers movie, and intend to share a new episode each week. We sincerely hope you enjoy what we've been working on for the past few months and use it as a new way to think about and approach the behemoth that is the MCU."

Since Samuel Masters mentions that he and his team have completed the "first season," we're hoping that they go back and tackle the entire MCU, leading up to where we're at now. Each episode is around forty minutes long and a true labor of love. The editing is excellent and the team pulls from other films in other phases to introduce new characters and story arcs. Masters and his team have truly come up with a fresh and unique way to experience the first phase of the MCU again.

Now that Captain Marvel and Avengers 4 are on the way, dedicated MCU fans are sure to go back and revisit all 20 of the previous installments. The Carol Danvers standalone film will introduce her to the MCU and the final Avengers movie will serve as the last in Phase 3, ushering in Phase 4, which will start with Spider-Man: Far From Home next summer. With that being said, it would be pretty neat to watch a long TV series to prepare for the end.

Avengers 4 is going to end everything that has been built up in the last 10 years. Some heroes will live, while others won't make it out alive. This is the ending that Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has been waiting to give to MCU fans all over the world. It's shrouded in mystery, like most Marvel Studios projects and fans are more than a little curious about the project. We still don't even know the official title. But, in the meantime, we can all go check out the TV series over at Samuel Masters' Site.