It's interesting that we've yet to hear any names in regards to the casting of Jessica Jones, a role that seems ripe for at least a few rumors or fan speculation. It may not be too long before we learn who is playing this superhero, as Netflix plans to make Jessica Jones it's next Marvel series after Daredevil.

Speaking with Empire Magazine, Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos revealed that Jessica Jones is starting to heat up as Daredevil continues shooting on location in New York.

While he reveals that casting is underway on the next Marvel Netflix Series, he doesn't say much else, as he is always under the watchful eye of Marvel Studios:

"Right now, the writers' rooms are open and they're looking at casting Jessica. If you sense some hesitation in my voice, that's classic Marvel fashion. They like to keep that veil of secrecy. But Daredevil is already shooting, since that's out first. Eventually the series will run very close together. You can then have a separate season where the characters will cross over."

The plan is for all four Marvel Netflix series, which includes Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage, to eventually culminate in The Defenders miniseries.

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While Guardians of the Galaxy presented a more colorful, fun comic book adventure on the big screen, don't look for the Marvel Netflix series to follow suite. While they do take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe continuity, they will be a darker affair. Daredevil is setting the tone in the Hell's Kitchen district, and promises to be grittier than the movie based on the comic book.

"The series will not be afraid to go darker than the film did. What we love about this particular set of heroes is that they're a little more down to Earth. Costume wise and also in that these are gritty crime stories, more in the streets than in the clouds."

Jessica Jones is a fairly new character in the Marvel comic book universe, having debuted in 2001. She once had a crush on Peter Parker, and was present when he was bitten by the radioactive spider that gave him his powers. Soon after that infamous incident, the high school girl was involved in a car accident that killed the rest of her family. The collision involved a military convoy carrying radioactive chemicals, and after spending several months in a coma, she awoke, later discovering that her radiation exposure gave her super strength, limited invulnerability, and flight (which she never fully mastered during her superhero career).

While her origins are closely tied with Spider-Man, it's unlikely that Peter Parker will be mentioned by name in the series. It is not known what age she will be portrayed as in the TV show, with her look changing throughout the comic books. Jessica Jones is also married to Luke Cage in the comic books, but its not known if The Defenders will go down this road.

Who do you want to see as Jessica Jones on the small screen? Should she be played by a new comer?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange