Marvel held the red carpet premiere for Thor: Ragnarok last night, where Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige shed some light on the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. As fans have certainly gathered from the trailers, Thor: Ragnarok has a much different look and feel than the first two Thor movies, with Kevin Feige revealing during a red carpet interview that unique look and feel was very much by design. In fact, the next four MCU movies, including Thor: Ragnarok (November 3), Black Panther (February 16, 2018), Avengers: Infinity War (May 4, 2018) and Ant-Man and the Wasp (July 6, 2018) were all designed to be much different than the Marvel movies that have come before it. Here's what Kevin Feige had to say below.

"All of the next films by design have been built to be very different, to be very unique. Ragnarok, Black Panther, certainly as we get into Infinity War and even Ant-Man and the Wasp, which is nearing the end of their production period right now. All four of those movies are distinct and special and I can't wait for people to see. Thankfully they get to see Ragnarok starting now."
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Black Panther has been in post-production for quite some time now, with the first trailer arriving in June, which was so universally beloved that even DC Films president Geoff Johns praised the trailer. Avengers: Infinity War wrapped production in July, just before D23 and Comic-Con, with the first footage shown at both conventions, although it hasn't been made available to the public quite yet. Kevin Feige also confirmed in a recent interview that the first Avengers: Infinity War trailer will debut by the end of this year, although any specifics regarding the trailer have not yet been revealed. That trailer will be possibly the most highly-anticipated of the year, since hardly anything has been revealed about that movie yet.

Avengers: Infinity War will likely mark the "beginning of the end," so to speak, for Marvel Phase 3, with Ant-Man and the Wasp and Captain Marvel (March 8, 2019) hitting theaters before Phase 3 comes to an end with the still-untitled Avengers 4. Kevin Feige has said in the past that the Avengers 4 title alone is a massive spoiler for Avengers: Infinity War, and all of the Phase 4 movie titles are spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 as well. Infinity War and Avengers 4 are both said to be the "culmination" of the first three MCU phases, with speculation running rampant that several of the original Avengers will be killed off, but we won't know for sure until these movies hit theaters.

One of the many ways that Thor: Ragnarok is unique is that it has been confirmed as the shortest Marvel movie ever. With most Marvel movies coming in over two hours long, it's possible that Thor: Ragnarok could have Marvel leaning towards releasing shorter movies in the future, if Thor: Ragnarok is a big hit, which it most likely will be. You can take a look at Kevin Feige's interview below, courtesy of the Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel, which comes at the one hour and 31 minute mark of the nearly three-hour video.