Marvel Studios has become a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a model that literally everyone in Hollywood wants to emulate, but something few have had success doing. Given the popularity of the MCU, the Marvel brand is stronger than ever. With that, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige feels that the brand is strong enough to hold their own massive event, like San Diego Comic-Con, but just for Marvel.

The man behind the MCU is currently promoting Thor: Ragnarok, which arrives in theaters on November 3. He recently spoke with Fandango and, during the course of the conversation, the concept of Marvel having its own, possibly annual event came up. It turns out, it's something that's been discussed and, what's more, it's something that Kevin Feige is very much open to. Here's what he had to say about it.

"Over the years there have been discussions about that [...] I think what we try to do occasionally in San Diego we're very proud of and think is a fun tradition. That being said, I think [Star Wars] Celebration is pretty amazing. I've been to a few Celebrations and the idea of doing something like that ... I think we have enough content, and enough fans, and enough ideas that we could easily do something like that, I'm just not sure where or when."

Even though San Diego Comic-Con is the most recognizable gathering of this kind, that maybe isn't the best basis for comparison. As Kevin Feige points out, Star Wars Celebration is probably a more similar event to what Marvel could eventually host. For one, Marvel is one of the brands on the planet that could possibly justify an event like that, with Star Wars being one of the few others. There's also Disney's D23 Expo, which happens once every two years, but the Mouse House controls an awful lot, including both Marvel and Star Wars. So it's easy to see how they could manage to fill an entire weekend with programming.

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Marvel has plenty though. Not only is the Marvel Cinematic Universe arguably stronger than its ever been, but they have more TV shows in development than fans may realize, with The Runaways and Cloak and Dagger coming soon, just to name a couple. Plus, there's the deal they have with Netflix and, let's not forget, the comics. There's also the animated shows to consider. So they would have plenty to showcase at such an event.

There are issues to think about as well. Fans who go to San Diego Comic-Con and other such events expect Marvel to be there. If Marvel holds their own events, as Kevin Feige suggests he'd like to do in this interview with Fandango, wouldn't that harm their presence at things like SDCC? There's certainly a lot to consider. But as Feige says, this isn't happening right now, even if it does, they wouldn't have to do it every year. In any case, it sounds like Marvel fans may have something big to look forward to at some point in the future.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott