The Sony Hack pretty much threw Andrew Garfield under the bus, and there was never any doubt that he wasn't ever coming back to the The Amazing Spider-Man franchise. Leaked emails claimed that he had upset Sony brass by snubbing an important business dinner. And they were looking to move forward without him as Peter Parker. What should have been discussed behind closed doors was thrown out for the world to see. And probably a little more than embarrassing for the former leading man of Sony's biggest movie series. But taking it in stride, it appears the actor has no hard feelings. Not when it comes to the new Spider-Man at least.

The Amazing Spider-Man and it's sequel The Amazing Spider-Man 2 were not well-received by fans or critics. But no one ever outright blamed star Andrew Garfield. He generally got good reviews for his performance as Peter Parker, and at the end of the day, he was the least of this franchise's many problems. He hasn't been treated especially well in the press since it was first hinted that Marvel and Sony were teaming up for a reboot. And now, for the first time since it was officially announced, Andrew Garfield has spoken out about being replaced by Tom Holland.

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One must understand that playing Peter Parker came as a long time dream for the actor. He even appeared as a fan, dressed as Spider-Man, at Comic-Con to share his enthusiasm with other fans. It must have surely come has a hard blow that no one really liked or cared for the two films he was involved with. And his tenure with The Amazing Spider-Man was over quicker than expected.

But Andrew Garfield, who always appeared as nothing more than a gentleman in any of the press he did for the movie, isn't bitter about the way everything played out so publicly. The ever-enthusiastic and gracious actor is happy that the role went to, what he considers, the perfect actor. According to him, Tom Holland has all the right tools for this Spider-Man reboot job. He also seems very relieved to no longer have the enormous pressure of playing such an iconic role. Now, he can get back to enjoying the character as a fan. Speaking with ET Online at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association's Annual Grants Banquet in Beverly Hills last night, he had this to say.

"It feels lovely, especially because Tom Holland is a really, really great actor. He was in this movie The Impossible and he was just this incredibly powerful, sensitive, just wonderful young actor. And [he's] a dancer, so his body's the right [form]. I'm just really excited to just be a fan again as opposed to bearing the weight of it."

Andrew Garfield says he is excited to see Tom Holland suited up for the first time. And he may get his wish this Saturday, as Disney brings Captain America: Civil War to D23. It's heavily rumored that Disney will be showing off the first trailer for the next big Marvel movie, and that it does contain a scene with Tom Holland wearing his home-made Spider-Man costume. What do you think of Andrew Garfield's comments? Are you glad someone new is taking over? Or did you want to see Andrew Garfield get one more chance to play the character in the now canceled Amazing Spider-Man 3?