With Tom Holland already set to play Peter Parker in Marvel and Sony's new Spider-Man, the studios are eyeing Marisa Tomei to play Aunt May. Variety reports that the actress is the studios' top choice for the Aunt May role, with an offer going out to the actress last week. It isn't known yet where things stand in the deal-making process, or if the actress is planning on accepting the role.

Marvel and Sony are currently seeking a screenwriter to develop the story with director Jon Watts, but sources reveal that they want to lock down actors who will appear in multiple movies, so schedules can be worked out. It isn't known what other roles they are currently looking to cast, or if they have any specific writers in mind to work on the script. All we know about the Spider-Man story thus far is that it will bring Peter Parker back to high school, with a new trilogy that is reportedly set during each year of school, with Peter already established as Spidey, avoiding the traditional origin story.

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Tom Holland will first appear in Marvel's Captain America: Civil War, which is currently shooting in Atlanta, before moving on to the stand alone superhero movie. A separate report at The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Marisa Tomei's character may also debut alongside Tom Holland in Captain America: Civil War as well, but that has not been confirmed. We reported last month that Marvel's Sony deal allows for other characters from the MCU to join the new Spidey in this adventure, but it isn't known if anything has been solidified on this front yet. If a deal is worked out for Marisa Tomei, she will be the third actress to play Aunt May, following Rosemary Harris in the first Spider-Man trilogy and Sally Field in The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Marisa Tomei will next be seen in Trainwreck, and she is currently shooting The Big Short.