It's believed that Tom Holland is expected on the Atlanta set of Captain America: Civil War any time now, and may already be there, shooting his first scenes as Peter Parker before he stars in his own standalone Spider-Man movie planned for 2017. This means that there is already a new Spider-Man costume. And we may be seeing bits and pieces of it teased on Twitter by Captain America: Civil War directors Joe Russo and Anthony Russo. BirthMoviesDeath got a hot tip that the directing duo had started a secret Twitter account, and after some digging, they found just that, with photos that could very will contain our first glimpses at the costume.

The mysterious photos are all in close-up. And the context of the imagery appears to be completely out of order. While the Russos had launched an earlier official Twitter account, they have only one post. This new Twitter account is much more mysterious. And it has an avatar from Vampire Hunter D, which doesn't quite make sense in terms of what is being shared. BMD notes that the account isn't @replying to anyone and is not drawing attention to itself, which is usually how fake accounts usually operate. So these new images could very well be a clever prank.

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But the source who pointed the site to this Twitter claims these are actually photos being taken directly from the set of Captain America: Civil War. And there is one image that is not a close-up of a costume. It shows a lone figure walking down a dark corridor with a flashlight. While it's not directly pulled from the Ant-Man post-credit scene, where Falcon and Captain America are trying to free the Winter Soldier's bionic arm from a vice, it is very reminiscent of that moment, and could be a continuation of that sneak peek. While it's strongly believed that the account might be phony, there are two strong factors pointing to the fact that it's very much real. And that's the two accounts that were following it before it was discovered. The first is Jason Stamey who works in casting on a lot of the current Marvel movies. The second is Ryan Stankevitch, VP of global marketing for Disney, who's account doesn't list her job title. If it's not a real site, then why is she watching it and listed as it's 5th follower? Right now, that truly is a mystery.

Most of the photos appearing on the account are incredibly vague, though we can make out the iconic red and black colors that make up the fabric of Spider-Man's superhero suit. There is also a photo of a bullet hole, and a close-up of what looks to be a high school sweatshirt in red. The next photos grow even more intriguing, with one seemingly featuring a chair with arm straps, such as the one Bucky was strapped to during mind wipes in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And this is follow-up up by a plaque that may be The Sokovia Accords, which are the Accords Steve Rogers reveals during the Ant-Man stinger that won't allow Tony Stark to help them.

The next pictures are more directly related to the new Spider-Man. The first is red fabric with some kind of goggles sitting on top of it. It is speculated that this is the new Spider-Man goggles, which are attached with a shutter device. This could allow the character to squint and go wide-eyed as he does in the comic books, which allowed the artists to change Peter Parker's expressions while he was under the mask. The following photo is said to show the red and black Spider-Man costume itself, in close-up. It should be noted that when Spider-Man was first introduced, his costume in the Marvel Comics was red and black, and this suit may be bringing back that original aesthetic. Over time, the colors morphed into the red and blue we more commonly know today.

No one is sure what is being presented in the final photo that is currently on the site, though it looks to have been taking off a monitor. In hindsight, it might be something very important. Right now it is not. In fact, none of these photos might be of any importance at all. Not until this account gets verified as the real thing. Perhaps the Russos are playing a game of cat and mouse. Or perhaps some bored fan is just trying to get some attention. Maybe we'll know more once it's officially announced that Tom Holland is on set, shooting his scenes. Until then, take a look at this intriguing possible tease.