While reportedly two candidates remain in Marvel and Sony's casting search for the new Spider-Man (Asa Butterfield and Tom Holland), the studios are also narrowing down their directorial candidates as well. While it isn't known who the front runner is, the contenders include Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies), Ted Melfi (St. Vincent), Jason Moore (Pitch Perfect), John Francis Daley & Jonathan M. Goldstein (Vacation remake) and Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite). It isn't known if the studios have hired screenwriters for this Spider-Man reboot as of yet.

Producers Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal are reportedly planning a three or four movie arc for the new Spidey, with each movie covering one year in high school. While the reboot does bring the character back to high school, Peter will have already been bitten by the radioactive spider, and there will be no need to re-tell his origin story once again. The producers are reportedly looking to tell a coming-of-age story similar to John Hughes movies, filled with humor and heart, along with plenty of superhero action.

The final decision on a director will reportedly be made by the end of next week, although it's possible that Marvel and Sony may announce who is playing the new Spider-Man even sooner. The new Spidey will first appear in an upcoming Marvel movie, most likely Captain America: Civil War, which is already in production. Which of these filmmakers would you like to see take the helm for Spider-Man?