Back in March, we reported that casting has begun for Sony's new Spider-Man, who will first pop up in a Marvel movie before the Sony and Marvel-produced stand alone movie hits theaters on July 28, 2017. While it has never been confirmed by either studio, most believe that Spidey will first turn up in Captain America: Civil War, since this beloved character was featured in Mark Millar's Civil War comic books. Today, we have word from Collider's Steve Weintraub, who has heard that the search for Spider-Man is down to just five actors, although no specific candidates were revealed. Here's what he had to say below, hinting that the new Spider-Man may be announced within the next few weeks.

"Have Spider-Man news that I'm not sure is strong enough for a story but it's def good enough to tweet... As most of you probably know, Captain America: Civil War starts filming in a few days. Spidey needs to be cast... I'm hearing Marvel/Sony has it down to the final 5 actors in contention for Spider-Man. Some are in very early 20s. I couldn't get any names. But with filming set to begin very soon, I'm pretty sure we're going to learn who the new Spider-Man is within the next week or two."

Actors such as Dylan O'Brien and Josh Hutcherson were rumored early on for the role, since it has been confirmed that this new Spidey will be going back to high school, and both studios are looking for a much younger version of the web-crawler that has been shown on the big screen in the past. There was also a rumor that British actor Sam Strike has already been cast, but, naturally, that was never confirmed. Who do you think should play Spider-Man? Let us know what you think below.