Earlier today, new documents that leaked through the massive Sony Pictures hack revealed that the studio was in talks with Marvel Studios for a deal that would enable Marvel to make a new trilogy of Spider-Man movies, while still giving Sony some creative and marketing control. This deal would have also enabled Marvel to use the character in Captain America: Civil War, since Spider-Man plays a huge part in the original Civil War comics. While it was believed that this deal was dead, a new report reveals that a deal is still on the table, although it's much different than previously reported.

Latino Review reveals that the deal Sony originally rejected was not for a Marvel trilogy of Spider-Man movies, but a co-production deal where Marvel and Sony would split production costs on new Spider-Man movies 60/40, with Marvel responsible for the larger portion. This deal would also give Marvel creative control to use Spidey in films of their choosing, such as Captain America: Civil War. The deal was reportedly dead, until Sony Pictures was hacked. The Sony parent company in Japan is reportedly "very angry" with how the Sony Pictures hack is playing out, which could lead to this Marvel/Sony co-production deal happening. Here's an excerpt from Latino Review's story.

"What I'm hearing from my little birds is that Sony, the parent company, views Sony Pictures's handling of the Spider-Man property as disappointing. Sony wants to be all about "quality" films (actual one-word quote, not air quotes), and the Amazing Spider-Man movies have not been that, nor have the rumors of future films in the franchise. Sony Japan thinks the Marvel deal for Spider-Man is still on the table and they want to renegotiate as a return to quality, the 60/40 split is can be negotiated and Sony Entertainment's October hard-line stance of wanting creative control is now mostly moot in the eyes of the higher-ups."

Our story from earlier today revealed that Sony Pictures is planning a January summit to discuss the future of their Spider-Man franchise, so we'll have to wait and see how this all pans out. Of course, it is possible that this Marvel/Sony deal isn't actually on the table, but it's certainly easy to see why Sony Entertainment would be disappointed in how Sony Pictures has handled the once-lucrative Spider-Man property. Do you think Sony will end up sharing Spider-Man with Marvel? Chime in with your thoughts below.