Marvel and Sony's Spider-Man reboot, set for release in 2017, is about to get a little freaky and very geeky as Vacation reboot writers and directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein enter early talks to write the screenplay. The duo were on the shortlist to direct. That job eventually went to Jon Watts, who has Cop Car coming out later this summer. He was announced the same day that Marvel and Sony officially confirmed that Tom Holland had won the role of Peter Parker.

Even though they didn't win the director's job, both Marvel and Sony wanted John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein involved in the process. They are in the midst of launching their first directorial debut, the long awaited Vacation reboot. It hits theaters July 31, and has strong early buzz as one of the best comedies of the summer. That is saying a lot, as it follows the critically acclaimed Spy and this weekend's Trainwreck.

The new Spider-Man will return Peter Parker to his high school roots, where he will stay throughout the course of a trilogy. The film is being likened to the 80s directorial work of John Hughes, with Ferris Bueller's Day Off and Weird Science mentioned as direct influences. This means the tone will be fun, yet carry a lot of dramatic weight. It will also keep the humor associated with the iconic Marvel comic book upon which it is based. Aside from the high school setting, no other story details have been released at this time. And it isn't known which villains may show up.

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As per the Sony and Marvel agreement, Tom Holland's Peter Parker will first show up in Marvel Studios and Disney's Captain America: Civil War. The sequel is currently shooting in Atlanta, were filmmakers have been prepping a local High School for scenes. It isn't known if these scenes will involve Tom Holland. The actor is expected to be on set for only a week. Other recent developments hint that Parker will be awarded a Stark college scholarship, and that is how he first comes in contact with Iron Man and Captain America. Another recent Marvel Easter egg shown in an Ant-Man viral video hints that someone in the MCU is going to win the lottery.

While no villains have been announced for Spider-Man, one iconic character is guaranteed to return. And that is Aunt May. While her deal hasn't been finalized, Marisa Tomei is in talks to play Peter's guardian. She will not only be the third actress to play the role in just a little under two decades, she will also be the youngest at 50 years old. She follows Sally Field in The Amazing Spider-Man, who was 64 when she first played the role back in 2012. And of course, Rosemary Harris originated the character in 2002's Spider-Man. She was 74 when she took on the Marvel icon.

While Spider-Man is a big Marvel superhero adventure, John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein are best known for their comedy work. Before directing Vacation, the duo partnered on the Horrible Bosses screenplay and returned for the sequel Horrible Bosses 2. They also wrote The Incredible Burt Wonderstone and the animated hit Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. John Francis Daley is also an actor, best known for his roles in Freaks and Geeks and Bones. What do you think? Are they the perfect pair to write Spider-Man? Or where you hoping for something a little more gritty?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
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