Marvel's new Spider-Man, Tom Holland, has obviously not gone through the studio's social media training just yet. He's shared an instagram photo that has sparked wild speculation about what it means. He's standing next to the New Punisher, who is shirtless and drenched in sweat. Obviously this means a crossover is happening, right? Maybe...But probably not!

Jon Bernthal was named Marvel's new Punisher shortly after it was confirmed that Tom Holland is playing Peter Parker in Sony and Marvel's 2017 Spider-Man reboot. The Punisher is set to be a major character in Marvel's Daredevil Season 2, with the new run of episodes dubbed Daredevil Vs. Punisher. We know that Jon Bernthal was in New York shooting scenes for Marvel's Daredevil on location in Hell's Kitchen last week, thanks to the first revealing photos from set. We also know that Tom Holland is set to shoot his first scenes in Atlanta for Captain America: Civil War very soon. So what exactly is going on here?

At first, it would seem that, maybe, The Punisher and Spider-Man are both featured in Captain America: Civil War. That would make sense, as the film boasts the single largest gathering of Marvel characters in one movie. And both will have aggressively different views towards the Superhero Registration Act. Also, the backdrop here looks like the sweltering atmosphere of Atlanta, which would certain have Jon Bernthal sweating like that at this time of year. There have been subtle hints that Daredevil's Charlie Cox will show up in Captain America 3. But that has never been confirmed.

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The less likely scenario to be derived from this photo is that Spider-Man is showing up in Hell's Kitchen, even if only for a quick swing through. Why is this unlikely? Because Tom Holland is set to only appear in one single Marvel and Disney production before making his own solo big screen debut in the reboot. Is it possible that there's more to this story that we simply don't know yet? Definitely looks like it.

A crossover or team-up certainly shouldn't be out of the question. The Punisher made his debut in The Amazing Spider-Man #129. And the two characters have shared a rich history together in the comic books. And fans have always dreamed of seeing them together on the big screen. But fan's will probably take the small screen, if Netflix is the case. However you want to write it up, something very interesting is being hinted at here. Will we finally see Peter Parker and Frank Castle sharing the same space in a Marvel project? Or is Tom Holland just royally messing with us? As it turns out, the two actors recently shot a movie together called Pilgrimage, and are having a laugh after production wrapped. But we can still dream. A crossover hasn't been ruled out!

This past week, Marvel began setting up scenes at McIntoch High School in Atlanta. It is speculated that this location will double as Peter Parker's Midtown High School, with some of his Captain America: Civil War scenes taking place inside. It isn't known how the setting will be used in the story. Or if Frank Castle might stop by for a visit. Until we learn more, take a look as Marvel's new Spider-Man meets their new Punisher! Could you ask for a better pairing?

"tomholland2013Had an amazing time hanging with this guy. Much love brother. #pilgrimage #brothers."
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