Marvel and Sony Pictures' Spider-Man is starting to take shape, with Tom Holland set to play Peter Parker, Marisa Tomei in talks to play Aunt May, Jon Watts (Cop Car) on board to direct and John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein (Vacation) set to write the screenplay. One aspect of the story that hasn't been confirmed is who the villain will be, although there was an unconfirmed rumor that the studios were seeking Matthew McConaughey to play Norman Osborn, a.k.a. Green Goblin. Today, Heroic Hollywood has a new report that claims Kraven the Hunter will be the new Spider-Man villain.

The site claims that Sony's Karen Moy, the Vice President of Creative Affairs, recently purchased the trade paperback Kraven's Last Hunt on Amazon. Sources claim Marvel is so cheap that the Sony executive had to buy her own copy. The site also dug through Wikileaks archives from the Sony hack, discovering that Karen Moy previously made book purchases on Amazon for her former boss, Amy Pascal, who is now producing Spider-Man with Marvel's Kevin Feige. It is believed that this purchase of Kraven's Last Hunt is for research, hinting that the studio may be using Kraven the Hunter as their main villain. The story was originally published in Web of Spider-Man #31-32, The Amazing Spider-Man #293-294, and The Spectacular Spider-Man #131-132.

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Kraven the Hunter is established as the world's best big game hunter, who believes that catching and killing Spider-Man, by using his superhuman strength and agility, would make him a legend. Kraven's Last Hunt was published in 1987 and is considered by many as the greatest Spider-Man story of all time, where Kraven obtains his own Spidey suit and goes on a brutal rampage to prove he is a better crimefighter than Spider-Man. The story culminates with Kraven and Spidey's final battle.

The new Spider-Man will take fans back to high school, with this reboot believed to be the first movie in a new trilogy, with each movie spanning one year of school. There was a rumored cast list that surfaced last week, which revealed that the villains would be Vulture, played by Billy Zane, and Scorpion, played by Jason Biggs. Unfortunately for Vulture and Scorpion fans, writers John Francis Daley and Jonathan M. Goldstein revealed that list of characters and cast members is not accurate.

What do you think about Kraven the Hunter becoming the next Spider-Man villain? It's worth noting that this character hasn't been seen in any of the previous big screen iterations, and he was rumored to be part of The Sinister Six lineup when Sony was developing that superhero spinoff. This hasn't been confirmed quite yet, so stay tuned for more details for this upcoming Spider-Man reboot.