This summer, Marvel kicks off his immense Phase Three lineup with the adaptation of an iconic comic book story line, Captain America: Civil War. This movie will not only shake the Marvel Cinematic Universe to its core, but it will also introduce a character that many have waited to see in the MCU for a very long time, Spider-Man (Tom Holland). Details on his appearance are few and far-between, and many fans are still waiting to see what the new Spider-Man costume may look like. Hybrid Network recently got a hold of Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso's business card, which may feature our first glimpse at Spidey's new look.

The business card also features a number of Marvel characters such as Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Star-Lord and Black Panther. Most of these characters, with the exception of Black Widow, appear to be wearing their MCU costumes, which is leading to speculation that this may be the official Spider-Man costume. We've heard plenty of rumors about Spidey's costume in the past, including images of supposed early designs that were never actually confirmed. While fans should certainly expect more footage from Captain America: Civil War as we get closer to the May 6 release date, it seems unlikely that we'll actually see Spidey until the movie hits theaters.

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Director Anthony Russo teased in December that Spidey's costume isn't ready to be seen yet, because "so much will be produced with special effects." Previous rumors have hinted that Tom Holland will wear two different costumes in Civil War. Some speculate that we'll see Peter Parker in a homemade outfit as well as the Iron Spider armor. We'll definitely see him in a costume that looks like what we've seen on screen before. But no one involved with the movie is being entirely forthcoming on the aspects of unleashing Iron Spider.

It still isn't known how large of a role Spidey will have in Captain America: Civil War, but a report from earlier this week teased that this beloved character doesn't surface until after all of the previously-established MCU characters choose a side to fight for. Tom Holland's Peter Parker is said to "form a relationship" with one of the heroes after his introduction. In the Civil War comics, Spidey initially sides with Iron Man before switching sides to join Cap. When Tom Holland auditioned for the role, he was said to have tested with both Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. while production was under way in Atlanta last year, so we'll have to wait and see where his allegiance lies in this movie.

After Captain America: Civil War, Marvel and Sony Pictures will produce a new Spider-Man reboot, set to hit theaters in July 2017. No other cast members have been confirmed, but Marisa Tomei is reportedly in talks to play Aunt May. While we wait for our first official glimpse at Spidey in action, take a look at Axel Alonso's business card, and let us know what you think.