Wait, isn't that the newly anointed Peter Parker hanging out with Rick Flagg, Jr.? Yes, and it seems the DC Comics and Marvel Cinematic Universe war is in full effect, as evidenced in a new photo from the set of Suicide Squad, which loads Tom Holland up with weapons. The photo arrives courtesy of Joel Kinnaman's personal Instagram, who celebrated in fashion as one of his comic book rivals appeared on set. There is no mention as to why or how the young Spider-Man actor wound up partying with DC's baddest villains.

DC has been quite a bit more vocal about igniting a war between their rival studio Marvel. Aquaman star Jason Momoa was the first to throw down the gauntlet at a fan event last year, when he scrawled 'F*ck Marvel' on a poster he was autographing when asked about the studio's winning streak. Then, just a few weekends ago, Suicide Squad director David Ayer became one of the few directors to publicly acknowledge the rivalry from the stage of Hall H, likening it to the East and West Coast Rap Wars. Now, it seems both director and Suicide Squad star Joel Kinnaman are attempting to pull the young, fresh faced Marvel star to the dark side, even giving him a miniature cigar.

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Tom Holland is reportedly in Atlanta right now shooting his scenes for Captain America: Civil War. And accounts from those close to the production say he's stepped right into the role of high school super hero Peter Parker, and should make fans happy. He will apparently work well on screen, surrounded by some of Marvel's biggest stars. And that only makes sense. He was up against some very talented actors in winning the role. While Asa Butterfield was an early favorite, he wasn't chosen. And it sounds like it wasn't just the screen test that did him in. The young actor was being quite vocal on social media, and Marvel doesn't like that. That is said to be one of the main reasons Tom Holland was chosen over Asa Butterfield.

But now Tom Holland is starting to feel the heat from Marvel about his social media presence. Right before he was announced as Peter Parker, the actor shared video of himself doing backflips off his porch, proving he could do some of his own stunts, holding down the agility needed to play a superhero like Spider-Man. This happened before he was hired. But then a few months after he was crowned Peter Parker, he shared another intriguing image. This time he was seen hanging out with Marvel's Daredevil actor Jon Bernthal, who won the role of the New Punisher around the same time Tom Holland was cast in the 2017 Spider-Man reboot. Many fans jumped to the conclusion that The Punisher and Spider-Man were teaming up. But as it turns out, the pair are just starring in a movie together called Pilgrimage.

The photo you see below has been removed from Joel Kinnaman's Instagram account, presumably at the request of Marvel. Though, it could have been Warner Bros. and DC that pulled the plug. The photo was only up for a few hours before it was deleted. But through the magic of the Internet, it lives on in infamy. Take a look? Do you think they're just having fun? Or is this bad business for both Marvel and DC?

Spider-Man Suicide Squad Set Photo