Marvel has once again reacquired the rights to Ghost Rider, The Punisher, Blade, /marvel-studios-gets-daredevil-movie-rights-back/and more recently, Daredevil.

President of Production at Marvel Studios Kevin Feige commented on the acquisition in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly.

"Whenever a character comes back to us, it's usually because the other studios don't want to make the movies anymore - and that usually means the [previous] movies may not have been particularly well-received. They all have potential, but we're not going to say 'We got it back - make it.'
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Ghost Rider, The Punisher and Blade are some of the most violent characters in the Marvel world. So the fact that they are owned by Disney will make reboots of the films or entrance into phase two or three a very unlikely possibility. They are more likely to be licensed back out to other studios. Only the time will tell what will happen.

What Marvel properties would you like the studio to put out themselves?