With Marvel Studios already establishing a firm grip on the big screen and small screen, they're branching out to a new form of entertainment with the short-form documentary series Marvel Tales to Astonish. The studio released the trailer for their first installment, Marvel Tales to Astonish: Civil War, which features luminaries Joss Whedon and Stan Lee discuss how real-world issues such as the Patriot Act lead to the 2006 Civil War comic book series, where the country was divided over the Superhero Registration Act. Iron Man lead the charge for registration, while Captain America stood with the anti-registration camp. Check out the trailer, then read on for more details about this 13-minute documentary.

Marvel Tales to Astonish: Civil War, which was directed by Eric Drath (Assault in the Ring), debuted at SXSW 2014 earlier today, although John Cerilli, vice president of content and programming at Marvel Digital Media, revealed he still isn't sure how the documentary will be distributed.

"There's still decisions being made about where we want to distribute this. But this thing was done and was ready to go and we decided to bring it down to South By Southwest and see how people react to it."

The Marvel executive also talked about how Eric Drath's Assault in the Ring was one of his favorite documentaries.

"(Assault in the Ring) is one of my favorite documentaries ever made and is one of greatest boxing documentaries I've ever seen. That finished product was so much a part of what he put into it. We basically gave him the concept and certainly the Civil War title was the first thing what we wanted to hone in on. The guy's a fantastic filmmaker."

While it isn't known what the next installment of Marvel Tales to Astonish will cover, John Cerilli revealed that Marvel wants to tackle issues such as the modern art community's lack of acceptance of comics as a true art form, Captain Marvel's death from cancer, and Tony Stark's drinking problem.

"There's always real-world things that happen in our stories. The very first issue of Captain America had Cap punch Hitler right in the face. It doesn't get much more real-world than that."