Tommy Wiseau Joins Marvel's Avengers for Friend Game. And it's exactly what it sounds like. Tommy Wiseau is making a secondary career out of posting viral clips, often showing himself inserted into various movies, such as The Dark Knight and Jurassic Park. And now he's at it again, taking on the biggest movie of not just the year, but the entire history of movies.

Welcome to Marvel Studios' The Room. Which is also apparently known as Avengers: Friend Game, a clever spoof of Endgame that perhaps only Tommy Wiseau could get away with. This mashup comes directly from Wiseau himself with help from his old friend and frequent co-star Greg Sestero.

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Friend Game comes just as Avengers: Endgame is being released on Digital this week in lieu of its Blu-ray and DVD release this August. Though, Wiseau didn't cobble his mashup masterpiece solely from Endgame. It appears that he has pulled footage from all across the MCU, kicking things off with a fun interaction between himself and Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury, asking the head of Shield about his sex life.

The next scene finds Wiseau throwing his infamous football at Thanos' face after the Mad Titan tells Thor that he, 'should have gone for the head.' This moment from Infinity War has Tommy bouncing his pigskin off the big guy's purple noggin. Greg Sestero pops in, explaining that Thanos doesn't have the real Time Stone and that Doctor Strange got it from a cereal box. He then tells the Mad Titan that he'll have to fight the 'Real Avengers', not the JV squad, before whisking himself off into the multiverse.

After a quick spin through the iconic Marvel opening logo, which inserts both Wiseau and Sestero in amongst the superheroes, things go from wacky to really weird as the mashup becomes a music video with Tommy singing a remix of 'You're tearing me apart' Soon Wiseau is riding in the Hulk Buster, flying beside Captain America in a Tuxedo, and singing, 'Cheep, cheep, cheep, cheep, cheep!' As chaos goes on all around him and everything flies off the rails.

At the midway point, Thanos arrives to interrupt the singing and dancing. Sestero quizzes the villain for a few seconds on why he wants to destroy the world, and before long, Tommy is back with his song and dance number, saying 'Hi!' to pretty much every Marvel character that showed up for Infinity War and Endgame, even giving a shout out to Rocket, 'Hi, doggy!' It's all done in good fun, and gives us something to watch until Tommy Wiseau finishes his next sure-to-be epic Big Shark. This comes direct from the Tommy Wiseau Youtube Channel.