Back in October, we reported that Marvel and ABC are teaming up again to bring another comic book series to the network, although this particular project is being developed as a comedy series. Damage Control follows the overworked and underpaid clean up crew of the Marvel Universe, who come in and deal with the aftermath of major superhero conflicts. Earlier this week, during ABC's TCA winter tour presentation, network president Paul Lee mentioned Damage Control, while adding that a second, unannounced comedy series is also in the works.

Unfortunately, the ABC president didn't offer any details whatsoever about this second series, including what comic book it may be based on. It still may be quite some time before this project is officially announced, and it isn't known if Marvel and the network have brought on any writers or producers yet to develop this new show. recently spoke with Marvel Television President Jeph Loeb, who wouldn't reveal any specific details, or even confirm that anything was in development, but he did hint at how the studio would approach a comedy series.

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"Look, without addressing whether or not we actually have anything in development, because Marvel security has surrounded the building, and I plan on trying to get home tonight, when you look at any Marvel property, our secret sauce has always been not so secret in that we believe that humor is part of it. It doesn't really matter how dark we get, and certainly people felt that Daredevil and Jessica Jones were darker than they had expected Marvel properties to go, there's still a great deal of humor in those shows.There are moments of levity that are in life that you need to bring to the table, or else it just becomes overwhelmingly oppressive. We're bringing that a man can get bitten by a radioactive spider and then go out and swing across the skyscrapers of Manhattan, or that a blind superhero can actually, somehow, use his heightened senses in order to take down those that are opposed to abiding by the law. If you're going to have that as part of it, it's always a good idea to make sure that the audience is aware that, yeah, it's funny. It helps along the way in telling the story."

He added that, if they were to be developing an unannounced comedy series, it wouldn't be, just "a comedy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe," but rather a Marvel TV project that just happens to be a comedy. He added that the studio's animated TV shows have more comedy because young children "really respond to that," but when pressed further about whether or not the studio is actively developing another half-hour comedy, Jeph Loeb offered yet another cryptic statement. Here's what he had to say below.

"If we were to explore half-hour comedies, we would keep in mind what's important about Marvel, which is that it needs to feel grounded and real, and at the same time that it has that kind of rebellious quality to it. Marvel has always been sort of the bad boy of the comic book universe. I don't think that's ever going to change. I think, to be perfectly honest about it, I think we're now the sort of, the bad people, not the bad boy."

It's possible that the studio is developing a second comedy to serve as a companion series to Damage Control, which could potentially air back-to-back on the same night, offering superhero fans a double-dose of superhero comedy. Would you like to see Marvel develop more humorous programs? Or would you like to see them get even darker than hit shows like Daredevil and Jessica Jones? Chime in with your thoughts, and stay tuned for more on the MCU.