There has been much speculation about Marvel's next move for the small screen. Call it Marvel TV Phase 2. But what exactly does the superhero studio have planned now that shows like Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Marvel's Daredevil and Marvel's Agent Carter have proven to be a hit? Well, we know that Netflix is already set for Marvel's A.K.A. Jessica Jones later this year, which will be followed by Marvel's Iron Fist and Marvel's Luke Cage in 2016, with all four Netflix shows converging for the Hell's Kitchen Avengers miniseries The Defenders. But now a new report claims that Marvel and Disney are also planning to bring even more of their titles to the small screen.

It has been speculated for a long time that Marvel is planning to bring The Punisher, Blade and Ghost Rider to TV in some capacity. Most likely on Netflix. The latest rumor from Heroic Hollywood claims that these shows are all being considered. But at this time, it isn't known if the three characters will be able to hold their own, or if they will instead become supporting players on the already announced and established Netflix series. Two of the titles hold supernatural elements, and that's something Netflix isn't sure it wants to delve into. And the CGI a title like Ghost Rider requires may be a turn off. Also, all three of these titles may be too violent.

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It is noted that, as previously reported, Marvel does want to introduce (or at least include) Doctor Strange in the The Defenders mini-series. And it is 'confirmed' that Elektra will be making her first small screen appearance in Marvel's Daredevil Season 2.

While that's interesting news, for sure, it isn't much more to go on than what we've heard in the past. Netflix and Marvel certainly have not announced any of these series, though fans have made it known that they would be a welcome addition to the current MCU. What is interesting is that ABC may have a Hulk prequel TV show in development. And as we've heard for sometime, Marvel, ABC and Disney are also moving forward with the lesser known title Cloak & Dagger. As well as Ms. Marvel. Again, none of this has been confirmed by anyone in an official capacity.

At this point in time, it is rumored that both writers and studio executives view the Marvel TV shows as a burden, as they have to tie into the MCU. During the Avengers: Age of Ultron press tour, Marvel president Kevin Feige seemed to be looking down on the TV side of Marvel, but reports claim he called it a 'necessary evil', and something that Disney is demanding. He went on to show his disinterest in the TV side of things when he admitted that he had not yet watched Marvel's Daredevil, and it didn't sound as though he was too keen to do so anytime soon. Though, there is also some speculation that Netflix will eventually do a miniseries revolving around Avengers: Age of Ultron characters Black Widow and Hawkeye, who have not yet gotten their own movies. It's unclear whether Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy Renner would be open to this. Or, if it did happen, would they recast?

Right now, it sounds like any plans Marvel, Disney, ABC and Netflix have are all speculative. Again, nothing has been confirmed by any of the involved parties. That said, which Marvel character do you most want to see come to the small screen next?

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange