It wasn't all that long ago when fans couldn't even conceive that their favorite superheroes would all be getting movies made about them, let alone the idea of a cinematic universe allowing them to crossover with one another. The only problem is that those interconnected universes can only go so far, because of complicated rights issues and studio agendas. But it's fun to dream, and a new fan trailer for a "what if" movie pitting Marvel against DC shows us just how fun things could be if there were no boundaries.

The gang over at Screen Rant has just released a new supercut to their YouTube channel, showcasing the heroes of the Marvel Universe fighting against those in the DC Universe. The video, titled simply and appropriately Marvel vs DC, is enough to get any fans blood pumping and is very well done. This is something that is never going to actually happen, but this type of thing makes it really hard not to wish it could.

The video uses footage from seemingly every superhero movie and TV show that has been made in the last ten years, making this a massive universe to play in. We see Supergirl doing battle with Doctor Strange, Hawkeye fighting Green Arrow and The Hulk fighting everyone. What is also interesting is that because they are using characters from the DC TV shows, the Marvel Netflix series, the Fox X-Men movies and current MCU and DCEU movies, this would be a huge, ridiculous, multi-studio project. The cast list alone would make the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War look like a joke.

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On the movie side of things, something like this would never, ever happen for various reasons. Not the least of which is that Marvel can't even get the X-Men back from Fox, let alone working out a complex deal with Warner Bros. as well. However, on the comic book side of things, this type of thing has been done before. In 2003, Marvel and DC partnered for the limited series JLA/Avengers. Just to get your blood pumping a bit more, here is a description of that series.

"In an attempt to spare the Marvel Universe from destruction at the hands of exiled Oan, Krona, The Grandmaster strikes a deal to pit his own enemies, The Avengers, against the Justice League. However, when Batman and Captain America disrupt The Grandmaster's game, existence is dramatically altered - compelling The Justice League and The Avengers to cooperate before the merged reality rips both universes to shreds."

For now, us comic book fans will just have to be happy that we have a ton of superhero movies coming out over the next few years. If you really need your Marvel vs DC fix, you can pick up JLA/Avengers, or watch this video over and over again. Be sure to check out the Marvel vs DC supercut for yourself below.

Ryan Scott at Movieweb
Ryan Scott