Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. held its TCA summer tour panel yesterday, where they announced that the first poster was to be unlocked through separate pieces releaesed on Twitter yesterday. Today, we have the full poster, plus interviews with several of the cast and crew members from this highly-anticipated series, debuting Tuesday, September 24 at 8 PM ET on ABC. Take a look at the poster, then read on to see what the stars and executive producers had to say.

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. poster

Series creator/executive producer Joss Whedon revealed that the show does take place in the same universe as Marvel's The Avengers, and that stars from Marvel movies may show up from time to time, but added that the show should work for people who haven't seen the movies.

"We're still working that out. It's s a fluid process. The important thing is it's a fun option, but it's not the reason for the show. We don't want to just be an Easter egg farm. We want them to come back for these people [pointing to the cast]."

Jeffrey Bell teased that they may find a way to use iconic names for minor characters in the show.

"There are like 5000 people in the Marvel Universe. We can find a name that would mean something to somebody out there. If there's a way to include it, that's fun."

Joss Whedon also spoke about the show's structure.

"There will be a challenge each week. The characters (will be) dealing with each other (in ongoing storylines) enough to weave through the standalone episodes. There will be an over-arcing mythology. Every week it won't be [the team meeting] some new hero. There can be a device, there can be a mystery... So much has happened since people found out there's a superhero team and aliens invaded New York. Spy stuff, superhero stuff... Every week you get something that feels a little bit different."

When asked about the resurrection of Clark Gregg's Agent Coulson, Joss Whedon had this to say.

"We will be dealing with the issue. That will be part of the thread of the story."

When Joss Whedon and Jeph Loeb said they had always envisioned the show with Agent Coulson at the center of it, Clark Gregg had this to say.

"I don't think anybody said that to me. I may have heard it in my head! It's pretty cool that a guy who starts out in Iron Man as an annoying bureaucrat with a secret ends up with his own show."

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. debuts with the Pilot episode on Tuesday, September 24 at 8 PM ET on ABC.