Disney is finally upping its Marvel presence in the Disney Parks, and it will start in a major way by introducing the Iron Man Experience into its Hong Kong Disneyland location sometime in 2016.

The Iron Man Experience will be located in Tomorrowland, and will include the Stark Expo, which will allow fans to see Tony Stark's suits firsthand, experience the progression of his work, and witness other innovations his company is currently working on. It will also include a ride that allows visitors to take flight with Iron Man in an epic adventure that pits good against evil. The ride experience will take place in the streets and in the skies of Hong Kong. Park visitors will also get to meet and take photos with Iron Man himself.

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You can check out the poster for The Iron Man Experience, along with two pieces of conceptual art. Then read on for Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, Tom Staggs, who reveals the first news behind this massive undertaking.

Iron Man Experience Poster
Iron Man Experience Concept Art 1
Iron Man Experience Concept Art 2
" As I've often said, one of the greatest things about Disney is the treasure trove of characters and rich stories we have to draw upon for the immersive experiences we provide our guests around the world. With Marvel joining the Disney family in 2009, our character and story base grew even further, and the anticipation for how Marvel comes to life in our parks and resorts continues to energize our guests and cast.

That's why it was so exciting earlier today at Hong Kong Disneyland to announce that the very first Disney attraction based on a Marvel character experience will debut in Hong Kong Disneyland. And I'm excited to be able to share some of the initial details with you today about this Iron Man Experience.

Audiences around the world have been captivated by the amazing inventions and innovations of Tony Stark and we're basing this experience within a piece of the Stark Expo. Located in Tomorrowland at Hong Kong Disneyland, the Expo will allow guests to see firsthand the progression of Tony's Iron Man suits and many other Stark innovations.

Upon entering the ride vehicle our guests will be able to take flight with Iron Man on an epic adventure that not surprisingly pits Iron Man, and our guests, against the forces of evil. This adventure will take place in the streets and skies of Hong Kong, which will make an even more unique and special experience for our Hong Kong Disneyland guests. In addition, guests will be able to meet and take photos with Iron Man.

It's obviously no secret that Marvel's Iron Man movies are immensely popular, and we expect this experience will emulate the success of our most recent expansion - Toy Story Land, Grizzly Gulch and Mystic Point - all of which have been huge hits with our guests.

We are extremely confident in and committed to the continued growth and success of Hong Kong Disneyland. I'm excited to see Iron Man become a part of that success when we welcome guests to the attraction in late 2016."

When will the Iron Man Experience arrive in Disneyland, Anaheim? Well, if it proves to be a success, maybe sooner than you think!