Marvel's Editor-in-Chief, Joe Quesada once again is spilling details on upcoming Marvel adaptations on Twitter, this time discussing the animated adaptation of their children's toy line Super Hero Squad.

Here's what Quesada had to say:

@JoeQuesada: Watching a Super Hero Squad animatic. This is some funny stuff. I guarantee this will be everyone's fave toon when released.

@JoeQuesada: An actual animated kids show that grownups will want to see as well.

@JoeQuesada: An animatic is a very rough, black and white version of a cartoon. No music or sound effects, just the voice actors. A visual sketch.

@JoeQuesada: Let me ad, that on the heels of Super Hero Squad will be the Avengers animated series which is balls to the wall action.

@JoeQuesada: There will be some recognizable voices from time to time @Live_for_Films The episode I just watched stars an actor from a popular TV show.

@JoeQuesada: Avengers is both @chrisrhodes85 Kids are going to love it as will adults. Also, hard core fans are going to love seeing modern continuity.

Quesada clearly believes that Twitter is the place to reveal news from Marvel. And it sounds like he's very excited about the upcoming animated series headed our way from Marvel.

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