Hydraulx SFX supervisor Chris Wells has been out and about, promoting his visuals on the just released Blu-ray for last year's acclaimed drama Take Shelter. While speaking with Starburst Magazine, he opened up about working with Joss Whedon on this summer's highly anticipated Marvel's The Avengers, and remarked that it's the best comic book movie that he has worked on to date.

Wells has seen a rough cut of the entire movie and confirms that it is never "boring", and that it's the film comic book fans have been waiting for. He also revealed that Marvel's The Avengers opens with a pretty amazing prologue.

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"We're doing what essentially boils down to the prelude of the movie. There's a whole intro that happens before you start even getting the titles and it's pretty big. There's nothing small in this movie. I went to a screening with all the temporary visual effects and it was pretty fleshed out. It's a long movie but it doesn't feel like it. Out of all the comic book movies and franchises I've worked on, this is the best one I've seen so far."

Chris Wells then went onto confirm that because of the film's running time, it is able to be action heavy without losing any of the character-oriented moments that have become a defining signature of Joss Whedon's work as both a writer and a director.

"I think they nailed both. Joss and I have worked on some projects before and he does a very good job with characters. Since this is the first time that we see these guys together as a unit, he had to address all their personal dealings with one another. I think he did a very good job of setting up the characters based on what we know from the Marvel franchise, integrating them together with all their differences and similarities and then getting on with business. And just when you think the movie is a character piece it just goes nuts."

Lastly, he went onto praise the Hulk (Mark Ruffalo) specifically, emphasizing the fact that Marvel's The Avengers is not a film that drags on in dialogue or slow moments of unnecessary storytelling.

"I promise you it's not going to be boring. This thing has gone so big that Marvel are dwarfing their other franchises. For people who enjoy the comics and haven't really liked the way some of the characters were treated in other movies, I think they're going to be a little more appeased by this one. Especially the Hulk. They let the Hulk be Hulk and that's great. He acts more like the comic book Hulk."

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