Walt Disney Studios made some intriguing announcements today, just before the holiday season kicked in, with the big news being Marvel's the Avengers will be released in 3D. The studio is still keeping its May 4, 2012 release date for the superhero ensemble. Marvel Studios, which is owned by Disney, has converted Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger to 3D in post-production.

We reported in August that Marvel and Disney slated May 16, 2014 and June 27, 2014 release dates for two mystery projects. Today the studios moved the June 27, 2014 project up to April 4, 2014, although it still isn't known what either of these projects may be.

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The studio also announced today that the untitled Pixar dinosaur project will be called Frozen. The animated tale was first announced back in August at Disney's D23 Convention. The story is set in an alternate universe where an asteroid did not hit the earth and wipe out all the dinosaurs. The movie shows how the dinosaurs would have evolved throughout the years.