We've heard huge potential character rumors leaking out of Marvel's the Avengers left to right since it began production last spring. But now we've got one so ridiculous, could it possibly be true?

Read no further, as we are entering the land of the Major Spoiler!

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The Radio Times has an interview with 59-year-old An American Werewolf in London actress Jenny Agutter, who has a role in this summer's epic adventure Marvel's the Avengers. Claiming she has been sworn to secrecy about the project, Agutter refused to give away any major character details, or even say whom she is playing. But she did reveal one major Marvel character cameo spoiler, if true.

The Amazing Spider-Man is going to be in the movie.

Yes, according to the actress, Andrew Garfield was (supposedly, unless they got someone else inside that suit) sharing Winnebago space with Robert Downey Jr. on the closely guarded set. In terms of storytelling, this works. As Peter Parker and his web-slinging alter ego have worked on and off with Marvel's the Avengers throughout their pulp run, becoming a reserve member of The Avengers in the 90s (though never an official member) and later, leader of The New Avengers. As of 2011, he is both a member of The Avengers and the Fantastic Four.

What doesn't make sense is that The Amazing Spider-Man is a Sony Pictures property, while Marvel's the Avengers is tied to Walt Disney Pictures and Paramount. Is it possible that all studios involved have come to some sort of shared agreement (which we were told would never happen)? Or is this just a radical oversight on actress Jenny Agutter's behalf?

Anything is possible. Michael Keaton got to play the same role in Miramax's Jackie Brown as he did in Universal Pictures' Out of Sight, the last time a literary franchise character was shared between two major studios companies. It's very possible that Marvel Studios, the one's behind Marvel's the Avengers, have pulled some massive money strings to get Spidey involved in their film universe.

It is also highly unlikely.

Chances are, the magazine printed the wrong character's name, or Jenny Agutter simply had the wrong character in mind when she spoke. She could very easily have been talking about The Black Widow. Or maybe she meant Spider-Woman? Also a member of the Avengers team. Whoever it is, we can expect some sort of surprise Marvel character in the film. (If we don't spoil it here first, though...Jeez, I suck! But so do you, as you've read this far. Even with all the name calling you just couldn't help yourself, could you? I gave you a spoiler warning, what more do you want from me? Bunch of jerks!)

Here is a photo from the magazine article along with the excerpt.

Jenny Agutter reveals major spoiler in Marvel's The Avengers
"As for Agutter, she's about to metamorphose again to appear alongside Samuel L. Jackson and Scarlett Johansson in upcoming Hollywood blockbuster Marvel's the Avengers.

"I'm sworn to secrecy! I wasn't allowed a script until I got there, and when I did I felt like a complete child being on big sets and a huge parking lot full of Winnebagos."

She does let slip that two of these housed Spider-Man and Iron Man; we suspect Agutter won't able to avoid sci-fi conventions for much longer."