Fans who attend the first midnight IMAX screenings of Marvel's The Avengers on May 4 will get to take home a limited edition poster. Take a look at this quad print, then CLICK HERE to find participating IMAX theaters near you.

IMAX Midnight Marvel's The Avengers Poster

In related Marvel's The Avengers news, a huge spoiler has hit the Internet in the form of a bootleg video that shows the much-hyped end credit sequence and the future villain that lives at the heart of it. Shot in side-leaning 3D, you may want to save this viewing for the actual theatrical experience. If you just can't contain yourself, click, spoil, and feel oh-so dirty about your non-patience having self (we know, this is like setting a pizza and a cold beer in front of a South Beach dieter...It may be impossible to resist...)

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